Soccer Results: Week 6

Oct. 25, 2009

Final League Standings

Boys Minors:    1st Place – Team 2 - New Berlin Fire Riptide
            2nd Place – Team 4 - New Berlin Eagles Stampede
Boys Jrs:    1st Place – Team 2 - Storm
            2nd Place – Team 6 - Tornados
Boys Majors:    1st Place – Team 2 - Wave
            2nd Place – Team 1 - New Berlin Police Voltage
Girls Minors:    1st Place – Team 2 - New Berlin Fire Fever
            2nd Place – Team 5 - Fusion
Girls Jrs:    1st Place – Team 1 - New Berlin Fire Impact
            2nd Place – Team 2 - Invaders
Girls Majors:    1st Place – Team 1 - New Berlin Fire Riptide
            2nd Place – Team 6 - Wave

Co-Ed Tots

Avalanche 14, Crossfire 0:  The Avalanche played another well-rounded game that saw 7 of 8 players score.  Matthew Ewens and Zach Zuehlke scored 3 each, while Audrey Flanders, Aiden Newton, and Katie Melski played solid defense.

Boys Minis

Fusion (New Berlin Police) 4, Quakes 1:  Team Fusion gutted out a tough victory today holding off a well coached green team, 4-1.  The contest was tied or close for most of the game until the Fusion knocked in two second half goals: one each by Christopher Louey and Bill Dowling.  Also scoring for the winning team was Alex Kutschenrueter and Ty Deckert.  The defense was anchored in goal by Adam Jashinsky and Daniel Kasun.

Galaxy 2, Piranhas 6:  The Piranhas upended the Galaxy with a great offensive and defensive game.  Eli Hoelke had his best game of the season with five goals and John Ganzer added another goal.  Wil Gottschalk and Will Roder teamed up as goalies and each played a solid half defending the net.  Once again the Piranhas improved their passing from the week before and are continuing to improve as a team.

Girls Minis

Avalanche 4, Dynasty (New Berlin Eagles) 11:  The Dynasty ran their winning streak to 3 and melted the Avalanche with the heat of 11 goals and 25 shots on net.  Lauren Stephens led the way with 4 goals, Kayla Kane scored 3 and had 2 assists, Kylie Rosewitz played great position throughout the game and scored 2, and Rebecca Jegier fired one across the net into the corner for a goal.   Sadye Froschmayer made two very nice assists that resulted in goals. Anabella Thiel made a strong throw-in that was punched in the net for a goal and made several nice passes.  Jessica Kemstra and Jaydn McRae played good position and solid defense; thwarting several runs by the Avalanche.  Lauren Stephens shut out the Avalanche in the first half with five tough saves, and Diana Meza made seven saves in the 2nd half to preserve the 11 to 4 victory.

Blast 16, Crossfire 0:  The Blast rolled passed the Crossfire in New Berlin girls Minis play on Saturday October 17th.  The Blast got off to an early lead and kept the scoring going by winning 16-0.  It was another great defensive game for the Blast posting their third shutout of the year with Andrea Kuhne, Lily Wergin and Kyra Levandowski in goal.  Grace Soiney led the scoring with 7 goals and Madeline Smith followed with 5.  Kylie Lemberger, Lauren Bennett and Andrea Kuhne also scored goals for the Blast.  Both teams played hard and showed great sportsmanship.
Blitzz (New Berlin Fire) 1, Cougars 3:  Abbie Gosetti scored the first goal for the Blitzz.  The two Blitzz goalies, Kailie Franzen and Emily Moore, stopped many shots on goal and Abigail Schimmels played solid defense as fullback but the Cougars prevailed in the 3-1 contest.

Express (Subway) 5, Comets 2:  Express marched to another victory Saturday morning in a 5 to 2 win over the Comets.  Scoring for Express was Brynn Flanders (3 goals) and Michelle DeRome (2 goals).  Our offense was backed up by the solid goal tending of Olivia Vernon and Melissa DeRome.

Girls Juniors

Impact (New Berlin Fire) 2, Invaders 9:  No déjà vu—Invaders hammer Undefeated Impact 9 to 2.  In a rematch with a team that nailed it 8 to 2 in the first game of the season, the Invaders eliminated the feeling of déjà vu by hammering the Impact, sponsored by the New Berlin Fire, in the last match of the season 9 to 2. Both teams ended the season with a 5 and 1 record. The game started demonstrating why the Impact dominated the season as it quickly scored first with a ball that squirted out of a mass of players and slowly rolled into the goal. But the Invaders quickly answered and then followed-up with 2 more goals before the Impact could score again. The Invaders then matched that goal and went into half with a 4 to 2 lead and never looked back.  Outstanding midfield play, spacing and passing allowed the Invaders to take 30 shots on goal while only allowing the Impact to take 9 which was 19 less than their first meeting. Anna Evans led the Invaders with 5 goals followed by Hannah Plockelman with 2, and Lili Berg and Anastasia Hoeg each with one.  Cayley Mckowen led the team in assists with 3 followed by Hannah Plockelman with 2 and Lili Berg and Gina Viola each with one.  Lauren Meyers led defensive mid-field play by stopping 13 Impact drives followed by Alexandra Langston, playing her best game of the year with 10 stops; Lily Berg with 8; Samantha Holter and Becky Wyco each with 7; Cayley Mckowen with 6; Hanna Plockelman and Raven Stiller each with 5; Anna Evans with 2; and Anastasia Hoeg with one.  Anastasia Hoeg led the Invaders in goal with 5 saves followed by Lili Berg with two.

Girls Majors

Stampede (New Berlin Eagles) 2, Sting (New Berlin Police) 3:  Sting corral Stampede 3 to 2.  The New Berlin Police sponsored Sting took advantage of a second opportunity to play the New Berlin Eagles sponsored Stampede and this time corralled the Stampede with a 3 to 2 victory. In what was a very physical game, the Sting took a 2 to 0 lead into halftime and then held on to win 3 to two.  Marissa Lunsford had 2 of the Sting’s goals with Stacey Grabowski adding the third to shut the gate on the Stampede. Madeline Egan, Cassandra Meza and Jenna Szalewski each had an assist.  Julia Piotrowski led the Sting defensively by stopping 19 Stampede drives followed by Madeline Egan with 15; Ashley Hofmeister and Rayna Matthews each with 12; Jenna Szalewski with 11; Cassandra Meza with 10; Andrea Rogala with 9; Marissa Lunsford with 7; Stacy Grabowski with 6; Elyse Hoeg and Monica Johnson each with 4; Carly Uselmann with 3; and, and Megan Rentmaster with two.  The Sting was more efficient herding in 3 scores on 14 shots-on-goal while the talented Stampede could only stray in 2 scores on 16 shots-on-goal. Strong goal play by gate keepers Elyse Hoeg and Marissa Lundsford kept the Stampede in the corral with 9 saves and 5 saves respectively.





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