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Feb. 17, 2009


Woodland Conference Girls

North Division Standings

NB Eisenhower11-214-352.539.8
New Berlin West8-510-748.836.0
Wauwatosa West8-610-840.538.5
Brown Deer5-98-942.145.0

Woodland Conference Girls

South Division Standings

St. Thomas More4-108-1041.145.3
St. Francis3-116-1244.050.7

Scoring Leaders*

Chantel NewmanSt. Thomas More17.6
Keira Al-MoharebWhitnall15.7
Taylor GradinjanCudahy15.5
Anna HahnNB Eisenhower14.0
Amy SlesarPewaukee13.8
Kelly WildeCudahy13.5
Mary MergGreendale12.7
Mel FrankenSt. Francis12.0
Becky GilbreathSt. Francis11.7
Kelsey PohlmannGreendale11.6
Liz RadtkeNB West11.4
Chelsea StingleyBrown Deer9.9
Stacey ButtsGreenfield9.6
Lauren PiotrowskiGreendale9.6
Nora BrennanShorewood9.5
Jess LibanNB West9.2

Woodland Conference Boys

North Division Standings

NB Eisenhower11-115-160.944.4
Brown Deer8-69-953.954.5
Wauwatosa West7-67-1061.058.3
NB West6-57-851.049.0

Woodland Conference Boys

South Division Standings

St. Thomas More2-113-1444.255.2
St. Francis2-122-1552.266.9

Scoring Leaders*

Alex MergGreendale17.4
Bryan StaveWhitnall16.0
Chad MathwigNB West14.8
Alde SelenicaSt. Francis14.7
Michael WasilikSt. Thomas More13.9
Ray SterlingTosa West13.4
Kyle McDanielGreenfield12.9
Patrick DrewNB Eisenhower12.8
William PelkoferWhitnall12.7
Geo PanagopoulosPewaukee12.5
Andy MinkleyTosa West12.2
Todd BarrettGreendale12.2
Josh PelkoferWhitnall11.8
Dave CzerwinskiPewaukee11.6
Joziah MallettBrown Deer11.5
Bendell LeeTosa West11.4

*conference games only

Southeast Conference Girls

North Division Standings

Oak Creek10-412-661.143.2
South Milwaukee4-94-1439.152.8

Southeast Conference Girls

South Division Standings

Racine Case11-315-365.554.1
Kenosha Bradford5-85-1152.152.9
Racine Park5-96-1242.353.2
Racine Horlick2-125-1339.852.7
Kenosha Tremper0-131-1538.453.8

Scoring Leaders*

Katie KitzkeSouth Milw.18.4
Stephanie RunningOak Creek15.8
Katie EllersonMuskego15.7
Samantha LogicCase15.6
Catie GrandlBurlington14.4
Jameeka BouieCase14.1
Katie YoungBradford14.0
Angela RodriguezOak Creek13.4
Sarah MlachnikMuskego12.4
Mariah HillFranklin11.7
Justine BoergerHorlick11.4
Shannon NarlockFranklin10.8
Rachel JonesTremper10.5
Ashley LukeOak Creek10.3
Steph RichterBurlington9.4

Southeast Conference Boys

North Division Standings

Oak Creek4-105-1254.159.4
South Milwaukee3-104-1344.056.5

Southeast Conference Boys

South Division Standings

Racine Horlick14-017-164.448.1
Racine Park9-312-366.858.1
Kenosha Tremper8-411-563.355.1
Racine Case8-510-763.560.8
Kenosha Bradford6-68-956.363.9

Scoring Leaders*

Jamil WilsonHorlick20.1
Antwon OliverHorlick17.1
Darell LongstreetTremper16.5
Issaih BridgesPark14.8
Andrew WindlerSouth Milw.14.4
D.J. MlachnikMuskego13.9
Deon McLainPark12.4
Quinton GustavsonCase12.3
Danny RajchelOak Creek11.8
Stan McKenziePark11.3
Tre EdwardsPark11.2
Nick RomanowskiFranklin11.2
Keith VogtBurlington11.2
Greg MorrissetteHorlick10.8
Chris HicksPark10.3

* conference games only

New Berlin Parks & Rec Department

Monday Mens League: NARB 11-1, Chumley's O'Brien 8-4, VRM.COM 8-4, A Moose's Revenge 7-5, Larry Michaels 5-7, InPro Corp. 4-8, Matty's 4-8, J & R Transportation 2-10.


New Berlin Parks & Rec Department

Womens Setters League: Serve's In 20-7, Armeli's 19-8, Chumley's 17-10, Accurate Volleyball 16-11, Matty's 8-19, Serve's You Right 1-26


M & M Gymnastics

Scamps Blizzard Invitational

Level 8 girls team placed third, 106.375.

Ages 11 & under: Rayce Albino, second all-around, 35.40.

Ages 14 & over: Amanda Ward, sixth all-around, 34.725, second on bars, 9.0, tied for fourth on beam, 8.45; Jordan Ruedt, fourth in vault, 9.05, third on floor, 9.375; Peyton Gosch, third on beam, 8.575, tied for first on floor, 9.50.

Level 9 girls team placed second, 99.150.

Ages 13 & under: Sam Dziak, third all-around, 32.40, third in vault, 8.175, third on bars, 7.40, second on beam, 8.125, third on floor, 8.70.

Ages 14-15: Ashley Wambach, tied for fourth all-around, 32.675, third in vault, 8.75, second on floor, 9.225; Lauren Zurowski, tied for fourth all-around, 32.675, fourth on beam, 8.075.

Level 10 girls

Ages 17 & over: Danielle Alsop, second in vault, 9.0256, tied for first on floor, 9.00; Jessica Herrmann, third in vault, 8.95, tied for third on floor, 8.85; Kristen Buschke, third on beam, 8.575.

M & M Gymnastics

Blackjack Nationals in Las Vegas, Nev.

Level 10 boys team placed third.

Ages 14-15: Alex Troyer, 14th all-around, 72.3, fifth on rings, 13.40, 11th in vault, 13.850; Casey Fischer, sixth on pommel, 12.10, tied for 15th on p-bars, 12.00.

M & M Gymnastics

Dallas Metroplex Challenge

Elite qualifier team placed third.

Age Hopes Division: Skyler Memmel, second all-around, third in vault, second on bars, third on beam, third on floor.

M & M Gymnastics

M & M Midwest Challenge

Level 4 team placed second, 108.125.

Ages 6-7: Katie Auble, third all-around, 35.975, second on beam, 9.075, fifth on bars, 8.9, sixth on floor, 8.75; Madison Spak, fourth all-around, 35.625, first in vault, 9.525, fourth on floor, 8.95, fifth on beam, 8.3, sixth on bars, 8.85; Jenna Horner, seventh all-around, 33.9, tied for sixth on beam, 8.0, tied for seventh on bars, 8.175, seventh in vault, 9.375; Amber Gaylord, eighth all-around, 33.575, fourth on bars, 8.975, sixth in vault, 9.4; Jenna Mirkes, tied for third in vault, 9.725, tied for seventh on bars, 8.175; Madison Haupert, tied for eighth in vault, 9.3; Hailey Planton, eighth on floor, 8.425.

Age 8: Ellie Mikelonis, second all-around, 35.35, second on bars, 8.5, second on floor, 9.075, third on beam, 8.425, tied for fifth in vault, 9.35.

Ages 9-10: Olivia Krumrai, second all-around, 35.1, first on floor, 9.175, tied for first in vauilt, 9.4, third on bars, 8.225, fourth on beam, 8.3; Katie Krupo, fourth on floor, 8.525.

Ages 11 & up: Ricki Galstad, first all-around, 33.2, first on floor, 8.85, second on bars, 7.15, second on beam, 7.75, second in vault, 9.45.

Level 5 team placed third, 104.1.

Age 8: Dailey Albino, third all-around, 34.675, first on bars, 9.4, second on beam, 8.925, third in vault, 8.35; AnneMarie Mularski, third on beam, 8.6.

Age 9: Jessica Grabowski, fourth all-around, 34.2, first on bars, 9.075, tied for sixth on floor, 8.475, tied for seventh in vault, 8.1, tied for seventh on beam, 8.55; Alyssa Ward, fifth on beam, 8.7; Myah Kurhajec, tied for second on beam, 8.8; Maddy Krumenacher, second in vault, 8.55; Annie Galstad, tied for seventh in vault, 8.1; Sarah Knopp, fourth in vault, 8.45.

Ages 10-11: Katja Ashwell, fourth all-around, 31.15, fourth on bars, 7.85, tied for fourth on floor, 8.075; Kate Amborn, sixth on beam, 8.0; Abigail Delain, first on beam, 8.55, sixth on floor, 7.45; Rebecca Switalski, third in vault, 8.3; Adrianna Doucas, fourth on beam, 8.2, fifth in vault, 8.1.

Level 6 team placed second, 105.375.

Ages 10 & under: Mailia Christiansen, second on bars, 8.0, second on beam, 8.8; Kyrah Peterson, tied for fourth in vault, 8.4, fifth on floor, 7.85.

Age 11: Lauren Hanoski, third all-around, 33.35, second on bars, 8.575, second on floor, 8.55, tied for third in vault, 8.7; Brianna Kesler, third on bars, 7.25, fifth all-around, 30.55; Sarah Mraz, tied for third in vault, 8.7.

Age 12: Allie Krumrai, first all-around, 35.075, first in vault, 9.075, first on bars, 8.5, first on floor, 8.975; Marie Wanless, second all-around, 34.375, second on beam, 9.05, third in vault, 8.9, tied for third on floor, 8.5, sixth on bars, 7.925; Monica Sweet, second in vault, 9.0, tied for fourth on bars, 8.1.

Ages 13 & up: Cara Moynihan, first in vault, 9.175, first on beam, 8.85, second all-around, 34.7, third on bars, 7.95, third on floor, 8.725; Katie Schwartz, fourth on bars, 7.15.

Level 7 team placed third, 109.925.

Ages 7-10: Jenna Benson, tied for first in vault, 9.25, second all-around, 36.4, third on beam, 9.225, sixth on bars, 9.125; Amanda Duncan, fourth all-around, 36.075, third in vault, 9.225, fifth on bars, 9.225; Sarah Hamilton, first on floor, 9.4, fourth on beam, 9.2, tied for fourth in vault, 9.05, fifth all-around, 35.95; Alexa Batson, tied for fourth in vault, 9.05, sixth on beam, 9.1, seventh on bars, 9.1.

Age 11: Taryn Sherman, second all-around, 36.15, tied for second on beam, 8.975, fourth on bars, 9.35, tied for sixth in vault, 8.95, eighth on floor, 8.875; Emily Kirchoff, tied for eighth in vault, 8.8, eighth on bars, 9.025; Alyssa Leonard, tied for fourth in vault, 9.0.

Junior 12-13 Division: Miranda Martin, tied for fifth in vault, 9.0, eighth on floor, 8.775.

Level 8 team

Junior Ages 8-11: Rayce Albino, fifth in vault, 8.925.

Age 13: Amanda Ward, fourth on bars, 9.0, sixth on beam, 8.65, sixth all-around, 34.6; Peyton Gosch, tied for seventh on floor, 9.1, eighth in vault, 8.625, ninth all-around, 33.6.

Age 14: Jordan Ruedt, first in vault, 8.975, second all-around, 34.725, tied for third on floor, 9.15, fourth on beam, 8.4, fifth on bars, 8.2.

Level 9 team placed fifth, 101.525.

Ages 12 & under: Caroline Caponi, third all-around, 33.525, third in vault, 8.7, third on bars, 8.55, third on floor, 8.5; Katlyn Benitez, fourth all-around, 32.65, third on beam, 8.55; Samantha Dziak, second in vault, 8.75, fourth on beam, 8.15.

Senior Ages 14-15: Ashley Wambach, tied for fourth in vault, 8.9, seventh all-around, 33.15.

Senior Ages 16 & up: Chelsea Crooks, fourth all-around, 31.9, fourth on floor, 8.15.

Level 10 team placed second, 105.85.

Junior Ages 9-12: Skyler Memmel, first all-around, 36.125, first in vault, 8.8, first on bars, 9.0, first on beam, 9.075, first on floor, 9.25; Bailey Fitzpatrick, second all-around, 34.0, second on bars, 8.4, second on floor, 8.975; Hanna Duncan, second in vault, 8.75, second on beam, 8.15.

Junior Ages 13-14: Heather Foley, second all-around, 33.325, first in vault, 9.25, first on floor, 9.25, second on beam, 8.475; Jenna Fitzpatrick, second on bars, 7.05.

Senior Ages 17 & up: Jessica Herrmann, fifth all-around, 32.975, tied for second in vault, 8.925, fourth on beam, 7.55, fourth on floor, 8.5; Kristen Buschke, fourth in vault, 8.9, third on beam, 7.8; Danielle Alsop, third on floor, 8.55, fifth on beam, 7.35.




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