NBAA Basketball: Week One Highlights

Dec. 24, 2008

Boys Minors

Raptors 16, Knicks 12: A tenacious defense that only allowed two points in the second half fueled a comeback for the Raptors. A breakaway basket by Matt Schwemmer and the defense of Cooper Waring were keys to the win. Zach Engsberg, Stephen Halusan, Ben Schaeffer and Kevin Trecek contributed baskets to the win.

Sonics 19, 76ers 11: The Sonics won with solid defense, strong rebounding and effective passing. Derek Holstein staked his team to an early lead with four quick points. Tyler Sidders’ hustle led the charge the rest of the way, and Luc Powell fit in well with the team.

Tri-City Bank Bobcats 27, New Berlin Police Cavaliers 16:Boden Saikie led the Bobcats with 10 points, and Greg Jackson added nine. Matt Lalor’s defensive hustle and Saikie’s offense helped the Bobcats pull away midway through the game.

Bucks 18, Wizards 13: The Wizards opened the season with a hard-fought loss.The Bucks pulled away on the strength of their outside shooting with six unanswered points. Bryce Miller led the Wizards with eight points. Kyle Kraninger and Adam Lancaster each had two points and Jack Von Rueden one.

Girls Minors

NB Fire Pistons 30, NB Police Cavaliers 24: Lauren Kunz, Anna Lang, Sammie Lundin, Riley McLeod and Lauren Meyers led the scoring.

Boys Juniors

NB Fire Suns 30, Celtics 21: The Suns won thanks to a strong defensive effort. Ethan Raposa led all scorers with 12 points, and Lucas Gates added eight points in the second half, which helped hold off the surging Celtics. Sanghyun Park added four points and pulled down key rebounds to help seal the victory.




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