NBAA Soccer: Week 2

Sept. 25, 2010


NBAA Soccer Week 2


Coed Tots

Cougars, Crossfire: Team Crossfire continued their strong play against a well coached and very talented Cougars team.  Marie Dowling dominated the scoring for Team Crossfire with 4 goals.  Aubrey Shaw, Cheyenne Bechtel, Elena Phillips, and Lillianna Schneider provided the offensive support and defensive edge that resulted in a come from behind victory for Team Crossfire. The team wants to thank Alex Klonis from New Berlin Eisenhower girl’s soccer team for her help with the skills portion of the game.  The team feels the time they spent with her was invaluable.


Blast, Blitzz: On September 18th at 2pm at Malone Park, in the Co-Ed Tots Division, the Blitzz were propelled to victory led by some excellent hustle and defense by Tanner Haas.  Adam Hirthe chipped in with a couple of stellar goals.  The Blast played a great game, and both teams had fun and displayed excellent sportsmanship.


Avalanche, Tornados: This week team Avalanche really spread the ball around. Goals were scored by Thomas Terry, Caiden Podlesnik, and Noah Delain. The star of this week’s game was Addison Lewis. Addison scored two goals, including one that she dribbled all the way down the field. Great job by all players.


Boys Minis

Eclipse 5, Kings 2: The Eclipse had another good game. Sam Olson and Benjamin Johnson made some great saves as goalies. Billy Wesolowski, Dan Herpel, and Matthew Ewens scored the goals for the team. All of the players gave their all.


Girls Minis

Surge 8, Chill 5: The Chill didn't have an substitutes today, so everyone played goal keeper a couple times during the game to afford each girl a brief rest period. Nash Pallen was the leading scorer for the Chill with 3 goals, followed by Madelin Gratz and Amber Rosewitz with one goal each.


Boys Minors

Phantoms 7, Lightning 0: Another tough game for the Lightning.  Even though they were scoreless, they played hard to the end.  The front line made up of Kevin Adams, William Kwok and James Siwula pushed forward to the goal a couple of times and almost punched it in, but the Phantom goalie was right on his game and had some great blocks.


Piranhas 5, Menace 2: We played well as a team, both offensively and defensively.  Several players had some nice shots on goal, and Jon Manske and Adam Jashinski each scored.  Defensively, we had some nice clear outs and steals, while Jacob Risberg and Jon Manske each stopped several shots on goal. 





Girls Juniors

Express 4, Dynasty 2: The Express upset the powerful Dynasty team shocking them 4 to 2. A week earlier the Dynasty trampled arguably the second best team in the league 10 to 4. The Dynasty jumped out to a 1 to 0 lead and delivered a barrage of shots on goal. However the Expressed doggedly kept the offence at bay and was able to deliver a scoring shot late in the first half for a 1—1 tie at intermission. The Express, keeping a balanced field, scored early in the second half and then making some excellent passes was able to score two more times before the Dynasty could score again. The Express took 20 shots on goal scoring 4 times. Anastasia Hoeg and Trina Farrey each scored two goals. Rainie Briski, Jayme Ewens, Trina Farrey, and Danielle Nyenhuis each registered an assist. A strong defense only allowed the Dynasty 16 shots on goal which included a penalty shot. Lauren Meyers again led the Express by stopping 14 Dynasty drives followed by Jayme Ewens with 12; Rainie Briski with 9; Danielle Nyenhuis and Mya Sparacino with 8 each; Anastasia Hoeg with 5; Trina Farrey with 4; and Felicia Ainsworth, Megan Habermehl, Alyssa Mallmann, Jenna Mirkes and Alyssa Wehking all with 3 stops. Mya Sparacino had 8 saves in goal while Anastasia Hoeg had five.


Girls Majors

Fury 2, Galaxy 1: The score remained 0-0 in the first 3/4 of the first half as both teams defensive line was very strong.  There were quite a few shots on goal from both sides.  A few were wide, but most were stopped by the Goalie's, of which Fury's goalie Hannah Wagner had 7 saves.  Team Fury's Rebekah Dummer made the first goal off of a corner kick by Andrea Leder, which was quickly followed up by another Fury goal from Rachel Rasmussen, thus ending the half at 2-0. Team Fury and Galaxy continued to play an excellent defensive game in the second half.  With 7 minutes left on the clock, Galaxy's Selina D scored a goal off of a great pass from one of her teammates, but time was not of the Galaxy's side as Fury's defense consisting of Serina Louey, Hannah Wagner, Isabelle Seifert and Alexandra Rades had some great blocks, and big kicks to keep the ball on the other half of the field.  Fury's Alyssa Rawski was a superb goalie with 8 saves in the second half of the game! Team Fury wins their second game with a score of 2-1, making them 2 and 0.




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