Werner vacates Muskego alderman seat sooner than expected

May 15, 2012

Muskego Alderman Keith Werner resigned Monday, nearly three weeks earlier than was expected based on his previous statements.

In his official resignation letter this week, Werner said he was vacating the seat earlier to save the city the cost of a recall election, though that issue was uncertain for the moment. He had previously set June 2 as his resignation date, which would have come after the deadline for a recall petition that was expected to be filed by the group Muskego for Ethical Government.

MEG group members targeted Werner for recall effort because, among other things, they are unhappy that the 4th District alderman did not vote to put the controversial lake park proposal to a referendum. More than 3,400 people signed a petition asking for a referendum.

The deadline for filing the recall petition is the end of May. If Werner's resignation had been effective June 2, a recall election would have had to be held. With his resignation coming before the recall petition is filed, the way might be clear for the Common Council to appoint a successor, although that is unclear at this time.

City Clerk Sharon Mueller said she probably would know sometime today what is legally called for. The attorney the city hired to help it through the recall process is working with the state Government Accountability Board to determine whether an election is needed or if the council can appoint a successor. The council normally fills vacancies through appointment. Werner's term expires in April 2013.


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