New Berlin pastor shares his own miraculous story

Dec. 17, 2012

New Berlin - The Rev. Martinho Sander has seen many powerful transformations in his 29 years in the ministry, with Carolyn Ede's new view of life serving as just one example.

"I've seen God very actively change the lives of people in many, many cases," including those who had contemplated suicide, said Sander, the pastor of Blessed Savior Lutheran Church, 15250 W. Cleveland Ave.

But he himself saw the power in a tangible and even life-saving way seven years ago.

He and his wife were walking from a restaurant to their car three blocks away on a deserted street in St. Louis about 11:30 one night. Suddenly, they saw a huge man, with biceps bulging from the cut-away sleeves of his T-shirt, bearing down on them. His hair was almost down to his waist and he had a menacing look on his face as he bore down on them, Sander said.

A little way off they saw another man running toward them whom they took to be the huge man's accomplice. The couple remembered passing the man earlier slouching on a street corner carefully keeping his face away from them.

Sander said he looked at his wife, put his arm around her and told her what she probably already knew - that they were about to be attacked.

But when he looked back at the brute, Sander was astonished to see the man leaning against the wall on his folded arms, with his head resting on his forearms. The accomplice had turned around and was running away as fast as he could.

The couple quickly made their way toward their car and just before they turned the corner out of the huge man's sight, Sander turned back only to see him still standing against the wall.

There was no one there. How does Sander explain all this?

"God tells us of guardian angels," he said. "I think God allowed them to see our guardian angel."


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