New Berlin mayoral hopefuls have other issues in mind, too

Jan. 28, 2013

New Berlin - Besides attracting business, mayoral candidates are emphasizing other things in their campaigns.

For Jack Chiovatero, those priorities are keeping New Berlin's taxes near where they are now - lowest in the state among communities its size - while maintaining police and fire services and roads and bringing a significant tax base into a large tract of farmland known as section 35.

Police, fire and roads also are central to David Ament, who organized a fundraiser that raised $62,000 to buy an ambulance. He said he also fought for paramedics and increasing the roads budget from $300,000 to $3 million. Citizen input is key, so lots of meetings and wider notifications would be a priority, he added.

Communication is a priority for Mary Claire Lanser, who expects developers to go door to door for neighborhood input and providing a summary to the city. She would hold information meetings and presentations. Other priorities are commercial development along National Avenue and promoting more respectful behavior.

Janet Schulz would focus on holding down spending through cost benefit analyses for major expenditures, improving prioritization, getting donations from community groups, and restructuring debt. Other priorities are having a way for people to see agendas earlier and recruiting more people for boards and committees.

Joseph Wieneke said he would seek to be a strong leader by building coalitions on the council. He would reach out for state and federal grants, be fiscally responsible, promote better relationships with businesses and seek to give New Berlin more of an identity.


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