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Justice Denied - Our Constitution

Constitution, Judicial branch, supreme court, Separation of Powers

Entry 135

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Today's Election and NBCRG

Blogging, community, Elections, Local groups, School Board

NBCRG blog has not endorsed any candidates by name in today’s election.

In today's local races,  there are candidates running for County Board and School Board.

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The Supremes Are Wrong

Here comes another tome from the "ugly face of New Berlin," as I've been described.

Our great unifier, uniter, person of interest who promised an open administration where race, religion, national origin would not prevent any of us from becoming what we would like is preaching again. This time it's the Supreme Court that is wrong. Many of us believed in him. We wanted a new Camelot that many of us thought he'd bring to the national political scene. The time was ripe for someone new, someone different, someone able to bring us all together into one nation under God. He was going to bring us all together, not divide us.

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Severe Weather Siren Info and Motorcycle Safety Featured on April's Mission: Possible

Police Department Cable Show Information

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NB Schools, NBCRG and the MacIver Institute

Blogging, Local groups, political campaign scandal, New Berlin Schools

More than 7 weeks after NBCRG posted its panicky-sounding Feb. 6 blog urging residents to attend  that evening’s 6 pm Plan Commission Meeting to voice opinions about the Schmitz plant’s request to extend their trucking operating hours, NBCRG got around to posting its next blog.    

And in that March 28 blog post,  NBCRG congratulates New Berlin Schools for getting a “high rating” from the MacIver Institute---placing third behind Elmbrook and Marshfield United.

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Tea and ObamaCare - You Don't Have To Buy It

10th amendment, Constitution, Separation of Powers, federal courts, Federalist

Entry 136

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Meetings Set for New Berlin Dispatch Services

Police Chief Joe Rieder will be holding public information sessions regarding the future of dispatch services in New Berlin.  Discussions will be held to determine whether New Berlin emergency dispatching should be handled by the Waukesha Communications Center or calls should continue to be handled in-house. 

Meetings are scheduled on Thursday, April 19, Thursday, May 3 and Thursday, May 17.  All meetings are from 6:00-8:00 P.M. in the Municipal Courtroom, 16300 W. National Avenue.

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Regarding the NB School District's Half-Baked Proposals and Radical Changes

New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators, School Board

In case you missed it, recent actions of the New Berlin School District and School Board were discussed by a community columnist from New Berlin  in her Journal Sentinel column, which was published last week

Here’s what it said:    

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Losing More School District of New Berlin Administrators?----Plus Update

New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators

 A few days ago,  I heard that------

Elmwood Elementary  Principal  Jo Boardman and  Tracie Fehrm, the District Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction are  gone.   

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Is Earth Day A Religous Event?

Constitution, first amendment

Entry 137

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Silence, Evasions and the Reagan School Property

New Berlin Schools, School Board, NBPS Administrators, information access, City government

The New Berlin School District tells us to Expect Excellence.

However,  “excellence” is not----

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Police Chief to Host Informational Meetings Regarding the Future of New Berlin's Disptach Center

     Police Chief Joe Rieder will be hosting three meetings at the muncipal courtroom in the Public Safety Building (16300 W. National Avenue) to present information on the future our New Berlin's Police/Fire Dispatch Center.  The meetings will be held on the following Thursday nights, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.: April 19th, May3rd, and May 17th.  You can also read an informational letter on this issue from him by going on the city's website, and clicking on "News and Events".  Please come to one of the three meetings and get information on this very important issue in our city.

The Left's Love Of Women

Hardly any of us are free from criticism. Constructive criticism can aid our development.  It can inform us as individuals and society. When criticism is valid and based in reality there is rarely any harm done. When handled in an appropriate manner criticism allows the critic and the one being singled out an opportunity for personal growth.

Recent pointless jabs by those who like to be referred to as “Liberals,” or “Progressives”  have sunk to new lows.And they coarsen the environment with the diatribe they want us to believe is valid criticism. 
Some of this criticism can be traced back to when Hillary Clinton mocked women who stayed home baking cookies and having teas. That was in 1992. By 2004 one Teresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry’s wife, sniffed that Laura Bush, a former teacher and librarian never “had a real job, I mean, since she’s been grown up.”  Hillary was born into upper middle class privilege and Teresa married into her fortune and future which grants them the right to chastise.
Howard Gutman, who in 2008, lectured Sarah Palin as to her “responsibility to put your family first,” singling Palin out because of her Down syndrome baby, and her teenage daughter who was pregnant. Gutman’s attack is not that a woman shouldn’t run for vice-president with five kids, but that a parent when they have a family in need should get out of the public square and stay home.” Gutman was on the Obama campaign’s national finance committee.

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State Loses Jobs in March; Some Responses to Walker's Illinois Trip and Rhetoric


The US added jobs in March for the 25th consecutive month reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  

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Wisconsin Only State in Nation With a Statistically Significant Decrease in Number of Jobs Over Last 12 Months

State, Blogging

Yesterday, Blue Cheddar  posted a table from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the states with the most statistically significant employment changes from March 2011-March 2012.

Blue Cheddar says, "The data are quite clear. There were 23,900 fewer employees on Wisconsin non-farm payrolls in March, 2012 than there were in March, 2011. The Wisconsin economy is shrinking. "

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More About NB School District Administrators and Changes

New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators, information access

The New Berlin School Board’s choice of Joe Garza to succeed Superintendent Paul Kreutzer,  would provide “continuity”, we were told.

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President Blames Speculators

Constitution, Legislative branch, regulate business

Entry 138

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New Berlin Police Recognized for Speed Reduction Program

 Press Release-

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No Child Left Behind

Constitution, education

Entry 139

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It's Official: NB School District Loses 4 Administrators/ "Administrative Staffing Adjustments"

New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators

During spring break, I heard the District of New Berlin was losing a bunch of administrators.  Turns out, those rumors were true.

On April 16, I called the NB District Office to inquire if  Curriculum Director Tracie Fehrm,   Elmwood Principal Jo Boardman, New Berlin West Principal Blake Peuse, and New Berlin West Asst. Principal Tracy Hoppe  had left the District of New Berlin/ were leaving at the end of the school year.   But Human Resource Secretary Rebecca Stark  refused to tell me, other than admit that parents had been notified of Blake Peuse’s resignation. See my April 23 blog post.

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