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New Berlin Police News

The mission of the New Berlin Police Department is to protect the lives and property of the people we serve and prevent crime through partnership with the community. Visit our web site for more information.

New Berlin Police and Texast Roadhouse Combine Forces to Support Special Olympics

The New Berlin Police Department and The Texas Roadhouse in New Berlin will once again join forces to raise money for Special Olympics in Wisconsin.  Our annual "Tip a Cop" event will have police officers posing as waiters and waitresses, assisting the usual (and awesome) staff at the Roadhouse.  This event will take place at the New Berlin Texas Roadhouse on Wednesday, December 3rd, from 5pm to 8pm.  Please stop by for dinner.

Heroin Presentations To Be Held in New Berln and Muskego

New Berlin and Muskego are working jointly to host two presentations on the growing heroin epidemic in Waukesha County.  Presenters will include speakers from the New Berlin and Muskego Police Departments, the New Berlin and Tess Corners Fire Departments, District Attorney Brad Schimel, Frank McElderry from the Waukesha County Metro Drug Unit, the Department of Justice, and a recovering heroin addict.

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Some Tree Services Just Don't "Cut It"

Just a reminder that with the warmer weather, you may be getting tree cutting companies coming to your door offering to cut your trees for you.  We had a bad experience in New Berlin last year with one company in particular.  Some local reputable tree services had to come and fix the problem after a man paid money up front to have a huge tree cut down in his yard, only to have the "company" leave it behind and never come back.  Please follow these simple steps:

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New Berlin Police and New Berlin Eisenhower Join Forces for "Spotlight on Careers"

"Grandchild in Distress" Scam Still Working in New Berlin

Sad to say it, especially around this time of year, but we had another senior citizen get bilked out of over $1,500 with the "Grandchild in Distress" scam. Here's how it worked this time:
"Granddaughter" calls in a panic. She was involved in a car accident in the Dominican Republic while vacationing and broke her nose and has stitches in her mouth (this would explain the fact that she may not so...und exactly like the victim's grandaughter.) She needs $1,500 in bail money and "a lawyer" will be calling her in the next few minutes. She is told to not tell anyone because the granddaughter is worried about her reputation. The "lawyer" calls and gives the victim instructions on how to wire the money. Victim goes to the bank to complete the transaction. The teller tries to talk the victim out of the transfer (good job teller!) but the victim insists. The money is transferred (gone for good). Since it works so well, the "lawyer" calls back an hour later and asks for another $1,000 so the granddaughter does not get sued. At this point, the victim calls her son only to find out that the granddaughter is just fine and not in the Dominican Republic.

Bottom line, please don't wire money to anyone or give out personal information over the phone or internet. Please check with a trusted friend or relative before making any kind of decision. And please listen to your bank teller when they try to talk you out of a money transfer. We usually have a few of these scams succeed every year in New Berlin and it's just sad. Please talk with your elderly friends, neighbors, and relatives and warn them about this scam. For every one time it works in New Berlin, there were another 1,000 attempts that did not work because the victims did not play along with the scam. Help us get the word out! Thank you.

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