Scandal & School District of New Berlin

New Berlin Schools

On the popular TV show Scandal,  crisis manager Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)  does "damage control" for a living. She strives to protect or defend  her clients public images by keeping their secrets under wraps.

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Trump vs Trump


Donald Trump skipped Fox's GOP debate last Thursday.

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Walker & Other Republican Governors Who've Ill-Served Their States

State, musings, Health, Water

No state has been so ill-served by its governor as Wisconsin declared  the Dec. 9, 2015 Capital Times editorial. 

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GQ: Walker is One of the Worst

State, New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators

Wisconsin's Scott Walker is on GQ magazine's  published list of  Worst People of 2015.

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State Of The Union

President Barack Obama gives his final State of the Union address tonight.

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