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Conservatively Speaking

State Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) represents parts of four counties: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, and Walworth. Her Senate District 28 includes New Berlin, Franklin, Greendale, Hales Corners, Muskego, Waterford, Big Bend, the town of Vernon and parts of Greenfield, East Troy, and Mukwonago. Senator Lazich has been in the Legislature for more than a decade. She considers herself a tireless crusader for lower taxes, reduced spending and smaller government.

It's the spending

Big government is alive, big time in Washington D.C. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is projecting a near-record federal budget deficit of $407 billion, more than double last year's figure. Red ink will spill into 2009 when the deficit could skyrocket to $438 billion, or even more as the federal government assumes control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The CBO blames the booming deficit on the sputtering economy, the housing slump, weak financial markets, and expensive food and energy costs.

While the deficit is serious, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports what is more troublesome is the excessive amount of federal spending. The problem isn’t how much we borrow, the Bush tax cuts, or the war on terror. Putting it in simple terms, the WSJ reports, “Rather than sort through priorities, Congress is spending more on just about everything.”

The “pay as you go” promise has flopped as “paygo” violations and earmarks have escalated since Democrats took control of Congress in 2006.

The WSJ has a chart that displays runaway federal spending in various categories from 2001-2008. The paper correctly asserts that voters this November need to seriously consider which candidates are best suited to curb “Congressional appetites.”

You can read the WSJ article here.

Proud to be pro-Wisconsin business


I am honored to be one of 32 state legislators that have a 100 percent
voting record on business issues according to Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC). The WMC says these legislators “clearly understand the connection between a strong economy and the quality of life we enjoy in Wisconsin. We salute these 100% pro-business legislators — they deserve our thanks and support.”

James A. Buchen, WMC vice president of government relations said, “These legislators are stalwart defenders of jobs for our families. Legislators who stand up for jobs time and again – especially with a slowing economy – are the true friends of working families. These legislators are stalwart defenders of jobs for our families.”

Here is a WMC press release  and the complete WMC scorecard.

The government is going to regulate your lawnmower

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Are you ready for DTV?

News you can use

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Thank you, Harley supporters!


Thank you to everyone who came out to the events surrounding the 105th anniversary of Harley-Davidson. The outpouring of support and hospitality was tremendous.

Here are some pictures taken during the Women’s Day Ride I participated in last Friday.

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