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Ray McInerny, Sr., and his wife Jean, have lived in New Berlin for 32 years.  A retired graphic artist, he now paints for his own enjoyment. This blog will attempt to present items of general interest to his New Berlin neighbors.

Gee, It Feels So Good

Everyone in the United States it seems is hell bent on the restrictive sale of guns, types of guns, how much ammunition is required, how much we should be allowed to buy (ammuniton, that is), background checks, identity checks to make sure "this never happens again!"

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Why The Majority Of Us Don't Trust The Major Media

Now that Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, Andrew Cuomo and other assorted deep thinkers on the eastern seaboard are readying the troops for gun control the major media (This isn't the first time they've done this) has ignored a very moving story from Texas to refute their sophmoric claims against gun ownership.

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Only Hope we find GOD again before it is too late!

The Headline reflects the thoughts of Ben Stein, one of the great modern thinkers, writers, actors, a lawyer and thought provoker of our time. This is an encore presentation of his and I'm proud to reprint it.  I'm also proud to send it to my email addressees. Todays Milwaukee Journal Sentinel points out that Christians are not the smallest group in our population - probably just the weakest. It's our duty to defend GOD regardless of what the complainers say. For too long a period we've allowed the squeeky voiced minority to dominate the national theme. Below is the presentation of Mr. Ben Stein.

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Que Sera, Sera

Whatever will be will be. President Obama has won another four years. It was won fair and square with little or no shennanigans at the polling places. That's the good part.

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Quoting Robert Reich concerning the meaning and vision of corporations is akin to quoting Joe Biden on Catholic doctrine.

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