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NBCRG Speaks

Dolores Karner blogs on behalf of the New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government, whose mission is to inform the public about significant issues and to recommend public action when deemed necessary. The NBCRG believes government officials and their employees should be accountable for their actions or lack of actions. The group also recruits and endorses candidates to public office who best express the positions taken by this organization.

Questions for New Berlin School Board Members

New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government (NBCRG) has several questions for the School Board regarding the New Berlin School District's 2014/15 proposed budget.  The School Board has proposed a 3.78% property tax levy increase which NBCRG believes requires further clarification and explanation.

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NBCRG Urges You to Vote for Dave Maxey and Art Marquart for School Board

New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government endorses Dave Maxey and Art Marquardt for re-election to the New Berlin Board of Education.  While serving on the Board, Maxey and Marquardt have controlled spending and moved the district forward to better serve the students and taxpayers of New Berlin.  Maxey and Marquardt are the only candidates that have the necessary experience to best decide how the New Berlin School District will deal with the new State and Federal education requirements.

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NBCRG Urges You to Vote for Laura Karvala, Alderwoman, District 2

New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government (NBCRG) urges you to cast your vote for Laura Karvala, District 2, on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

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Herbert A. Eggie

New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government was sorry to learn that Herbert Eggie had passed away this past Tuesday.  Herb was the original President of NBCRG until around ten years ago when he decided to step down from that position.  Previous to that he was a member of the New Berlin School Board and had served as president of the New Berlin Taxpayers Alliance.

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New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government Cleared of All Charges

Below is a letter dated September 19, 2013 received by Ralph Heun, President, clearing NBCRG of all charges filed by Ms. Linda Richter and Mr. James Lowder.  Below is the letter in its entirity:

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