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Time to audit UW funding of abortion training


The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) is recommending the state Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) investigate whether
the University of Wisconsin is improperly funding abortion training.

The Associated Press reports, “Wisconsin law prohibits state agencies from paying doctors or medical facilities for performing abortions. The University 
of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Authority pays medical residents specializing in gynecology to train at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, where they can choose to take abortion training. The Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based group  of Christian lawyers, sent a letter in April on behalf of Pro-Life Wisconsin to Republican Atty. Gen. J.B.  Van Hollen alleging the UW Hospital and Clinics Authority has paid nearly $60,000 over the last three years to cover residents' training at Planned Parenthood. The group claims the payments violate  the law and asked Van Hollen for a formal opinion.”

Assistant Attorney General Kevin Potter wrote a letter to the LAB May 25, 2010 that reads, in part:

“Wisconsin law provides that ‘no funds of this state or of …any agency of this state…shall be authorized for or paid to a physician or surgeon or a hospital, clinic or other medical facility for the performance  of an abortion.” Wis. Stat.20.927.  (University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Authority, UWCHA) appears to be an 'agency of this state’ for purposes of Wis. Stat. 20.927, and, cannot, therefore, use its funds in violation of that provision.

Although we have not yet concluded that UWCHA has violated section 20.927, the information contained in the April 16, 2010, letter (sent from Alliance Defense Fund to Attorney General Van Hollen) does raise concerns that we believe should be brought to your attention. Because e a violation of section 20.927 is not, in and of itself, a criminal offense, the Department of Justice has limited authority to investigate the matter. The Legislative Audit Bureau, on the other hand, is charged with financial oversight of state operations to insure compliance with applicable law.”

Assistant AG Potter then suggests the LAB examine the following: Records reflecting the activities performed by UWCHA residents assigned to Planned Parenthood facilities or other facilities abortions are performed; a copy of all contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding, or similar documents between UWCHA and any organization that performs abortions or operates a facility that performs abortions; and internal UWCHA records pertinent to this matter.

As a member of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, I wholeheartedly support the DOJ request 
for this audit.

Read the letter from the DOJ to the LAB 
and the Associated Press article.

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