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What is Matt Thomas trying to hide?

Thomas posted a blog Monday announcing that he’s quitting his NOW blog. I noticed that every one of his past posts and the comments posted to them had already been deleted.

It is one thing to stop blogging;  it’s quite another to have all past posts and comments removed prior to the blog being taken off the NOW site. Why was that done? What was the rush?

Hmm. Last Friday (May 9), I posted a comment to my blog, informing readers that last year when I consulted attorneys regarding a personal attack made against me publicly by School Board official Keith Heun, I was advised Heun's comments were over the top, libelous and actionable. My comment also stated that an attorney advised that if there was a pattern of our school board members publicly attacking a citizen or citizens, that could be interpreted as intimidation and be considered a civil rights violation.

The following Monday ( May 12). Thomas posted his blog announcing his departure from NOW--and interestingly, all of his previous blog posts and the published comments had vanished from it.  That’s right: They were removed, deleted.  Poof. All gone.

Quite a coincidence, huh?

So, how does Thomas “spin” it?  Thomas offers the excuse that he lacks the “ time and energy to do his blog justice.” And he claims to have “ thought long and hard about the positive direction our district will continue to go in over this next year with our new Superintendent Paul Kreutzer at the helm.”

That’s downright amusing. Of the abrupt disappearance of all his past blog entries and people’s comments he’d posted to his blog site--many of which were exceedingly negative and nasty, Thomas says nothing.

Thomas' pitch about the District continuing to go in a “positive” direction is such a joke. Throughout the 20 months Thomas, a school board official, had a NOW blog, he could have written upbeat, “positive” informative blog pieces about educational issues or other topics.  Instead, he often used his blog as a vehicle to bash citizens. In fact, in one of my recent blog articles, I noted that half of Thomas’ blog posts since January 22 mentioned my name in the title. They were rants against me. I’d also discussed Thomas’ peculiar obsession with me in my May 4, 2007 blog.

Thomas’ and his fellow “political strategist” School Board colleague Keith Heun have held public office leadership positions, but have handled scrutiny, criticism, and dissent very poorly. Their “trash-talking” written communications and vendetta against me (and/or some other individuals) have not escaped people’s notice. Instead of setting a “positive” example for their students and NBPS faculty, these school board “leaders” have come across as governmental cyber-bullies utilizing Thomas’ blog to attack, vilify, lash out, or retaliate against their own constituents.

As for Thomas lacking “ time and energy to do his blog justice”, the NOW online editor notified us regular bloggers several months ago that we should post a blog entry a minimum of every 30 days. Evidently, Thomas is unwilling or incapable of communicating information via his blog in a “positive” and respectful manner regularly even once a month.

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