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Re: Right-Wing Craziness


The Journal Sentinel Editorial   Wisconsin's New Secessionists  (April 14, 2014)  states:

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Ethically-Challenged Republican State Senate President Mike Ellis

Elections, political campaign scandal, State

Several Republican officials have rightly come under fire recently for their actions/ conduct.

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Equal Pay Day Today


NBCRG Took a Beating

Elections, Local groups

Perhaps you thought New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government was dead.  NBCRG Speaks had  posted a blog (regarding NBCRG)  in September,  but nothing at all in October, November, and  December.   Then we witnessed  NBCRG's resurrection. Well, sort of.  Here we are in the fourth month of  2014, and there have been only 3 NBCRG Speaks blog posts this year  (Jan. 11, March 12, and March 24).  What were those three about?   The first was a eulogy for Herb Eggie, the first president of NBCRG.  In the second, NBCRG urged voters to re-elect Ald. Laura Karvala. In the third, NBCRG urged people to vote for Dave Maxey and Art Marquardt (the incumbents)  for School Board.

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Regarding These Incumbents

Elections, Aldermen, School Board

Art Marquardt has been on the New Berlin School Board nine years.  During that time, our borrow- and- spend School Board has allocated a boat-load of money for the massive new Ronald Reagan Elementary School and  on New Berlin West improvements.  This was peachy for Marquardt's  family, since his kids attended NB West. Not so great for families with children at Eisenhower, though. Even Marquardt admits Eisenhower needs a lot of work.

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