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Walker's Blame Game--He Even Blames A Kitchen Cabinet For His Bald Spot

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Scott Walker  recently said his bald spot resulted from banging his head on an open cabinet door while  making repairs that had been requested by his wife!

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Walker/ Worst Record

environment, State

Columnist Bill Berry, who has covered the environment for four decades, recently wrote:  "Scott Walker has by far the worst environmental record of all Wisconsin governors in that time."

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Anti-Conservative Gov. Scott Walker Named to LCV's "Dirty Dozen"

environment, State, Elections, DNR

Gov. Scott Walker, who has an abysmal record on conservation issues, is on the national League of Conservation Voters'   "Dirty Dozen in the States"  list.

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US Supreme Court Blocks WI Voter ID

State, Elections

Some reactions:

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Another Achievement


Our son Jason, who serves in the U.S. Air Force,  has been promoted  to Lieutenant Colonel.

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