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Two of Walker's Whoppers Got Debunked Wednesday


PolitiFact  gave a PANTS ON FIRE rating to a statement made by Gov. Scott Walker in an MSNBC interview yesterday:

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Fresh Faces For Office

Elections, New Berlin Schools

Gov. Scott Walker recently declared that the GOP and country needs a "fresh face" and "new ideas".

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The March to Ban Birth Control


From  Mother Jones:

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The Right Was Wrong


Sorry for the blog delay.  FYI:   I had the flu in December for a couple of weeks. I am not fully recovered yet, but able to resume blogging.

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Ten of the Worst


Ten of the most appalling  findings in the Senate Intelligence Committee's 524-page summary of its report  on the CIA's use of torture against terrorism suspects ( according to  Luke Brinker's article posted  Tuesday on  Salon ): 

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