SDNB Press Release and Budget Hearing/Annual Meeting

New Berlin Schools

1. The Monday, August 25th  Budget Hearing/Annual Meeting at New Berlin West would be a good time for community members to ask questions about the School District of New Berlin's spending, proposed budget and/or  tax levy--and expect to get answers.

2. The school district recently issued a press release declaring:

"The School District of New Berlin is celebrating strong ACT scores achieved by the graduating class of 2014. The District matched its all-time composite score of 24.5, last achieved in 2012."

Oh, so the hundreds of thousands of dollars the district has spent on testing and administrators in the past few years has had no discernible impact on the already-high test scores?

And the district has spent thousands on PR people to tell New Berlin taxpayers that it's great to spend thousands more on something to get the same results it had earlier?

Furthermore, how can it be cause for celebration that NB West's composite score of 24 is significantly less than NB Eisenhower's 25.1 score?


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