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On March 16,  I emailed the following message to my alderman  (Joe Stribl):

Dear Ald. Stribl:

The current edition of  New Berlin NOW newspaper carries  background information  about  District 2 Alderwoman Laura Karvala  and her  challenger Charles Garrigues -- that was supplied by those candidates. 
The newspaper did not publish such data about you when you ran for  District 5 Alderman or after your election. 
I live in District 5.  Although you are my representative,  I know very little about you. 
So, I am seeking some basic information from you.   
In fact, I am requesting the same  information of you that New Berlin NOW asked of Alderwoman Karvala, which is:
1. Your age:
2. Your address:
3.  Years in the community:
4. Employer/occupation:
5. Education:
6. Political history:
7. Community involvement:
8. Family:
9. Contact:
In addition, the  candidates were asked the following two questions:
What is the biggest challenge facing New Berlin and how would you address it?
What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?
Please respond ASAP.
I'll  likely share your response with the community via my blog.
Thank you in advance.
Linda Richter
(my email address)


Shortly afterward (March 19),   I received Ald. Stribl's courteous and informative reply.
Here are his responses to my questions------
1.    l.  Your age: 36
2. Your address: 15195 W Harmony Dr. New Berlin WI 53151

3.  Years in the community: 8 years

4. Employer/occupation: Clear Channel Outdoor  Digital Media Manager previously with Clear Channel Radio and Hearst Broadcasting

5. Education: High School and MATC

6. Political history: I deal with local government on a daily basis in my jobs. First time as an elected official

7. Community involvement: Fourth of July Commission, other community events and fundraisers as they come up.

8. Family: Wife and two daughters

9. Contact: 262-391-4216
What is the biggest challenge facing New Berlin and how would you address it?
There are more than one big challenges facing us today.
1)   The balance of keeping our standards of services where they are now and maintaining our infrastructures on a yearly basis is becoming more challenging. However we have held the  line on taxes and found ways to cut  items deemed not necessary each year to keep our budget as flat as we can each year. I think the best solution to this problem is to continue to  spur development in the area. With some parts of this economy starting  to pick up, we as a city should start to see some new development pop up. I know that our community development office has been fielding a lot of inquires about the city. This will take time but this is one of the city’s best ways to increase the tax base. The other part to that is also finding way to partner with the private sector. There are many ways as a city we can benefit from these partnerships and we will explore all opportunities as they become available.
2)      The heroin epidemic that has been creeping into our communities is becoming a real problem and concern to our youth here in New Berlin and other communities. I have reached out to other communities to see what they are doing and know that we need to up the educations to our youths and spread the word on how bad this drug is. Again I think this is a great opportunity to partner with the private sector to help with this growing issue.
The best reason to vote for me are the following
I will always take the time to listen to concerns from resident and not just those who are in my district and make it clear that even if we do not agree on the issue I will fully express their concerns to all and respect how they feel about the issue at hand.
I will do my due diligence when it comes to researching the facts , pro and cons and true impact to the residents of New Berlin on all items that are voted on.
I will also work hard to continue to make New Berlin one of the best city’s

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