Another Day, Another School Shooting in America


According to news reports, a teen-aged male, armed with a rifle, entered Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon and  fatally shot a 14 year-old male student this morning.  A teacher was also injured (non-life-threatening injuries). The suspected shooter, a male teen, was found slumped on a toilet in a bathroom, dead.  He likely killed himself, police say.

Huffington Post conveys:

"Since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, there have been an average of 1.37 school shootings for each school week, according to data maintained by Everytown for Gun Safety, a group fighting to end gun violence. "

"74 school shootings have taken place in the approximately 18 months since the Dec. 14, 2012, Newton shooting."

The data also shows "that these shootings have occurred throughout the country.  In all, 31 states have had an incident of gun violence at a school."

...."The majority of the school shootings, 39, have taken place at K-12 schools. The remainder of them have happened at colleges or universities. "

 Politicususa contends:

 "In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the President promised action, and stated that he would push for common sense gun laws to be passed by Congress. Of course, as we all know, nothing got done, because Republicans in Congress are not going to cross the NRA. Therefore, outside of some executive orders, President Obama had his hands tied. Meanwhile, we’ve not only seen the continuation of school shootings, we’ve seen an increase in their frequency, which is embarrassing and tragic. At the same time, we’ve seen conservative legislatures in states across this nation push for relaxed restrictions on local and state gun laws, pushed forth by the NRA and the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC."

**Update 6/11--  CNN report Oregon Shooting: 'This is becoming the norm.'  But will anything change?

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