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New Awards Program Honors SDNB Seniors for STEM Work

23 students earn Technical Honors, Society of Women Engineers certificates

New honors programs in the School District of New Berlin (SDNB) recognize graduating seniors who have excelled in technical coursework and shown promise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related careers.

Twenty-three students at New Berlin Eisenhower and New Berlin West were selected to receive inaugural Technical Honors Certificates and Society of Women Engineering Certificates of Merit (see student names below). The awards were presented recently at each school’s Senior Honors Night.

“We are committed to recognizing excellence by all students as they pursue the academic and career plan they develop to reach the goals they set for themselves," said Joe Garza, Superintendent of the School District of New Berlin. “These new honors showcase the great work our students are doing across a multitude of disciplines that have significant value in the current and projected economy."

Additional recognition is planned for those students that have pursued industry recognized credentials during their high school career, Garza said.

Technical Honors Certificates

Technical Honors Certificates recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in their technical coursework aligned to a specific program of study - such as Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology and Manufacturing - in addition to demonstrating a commitment to their other coursework.

Students selected for Technical Honors Certificates earned a minimum:

  • GPA of 3.5 or above in 3.0 credits (or more) of technical coursework aligned to a specific program of study; and
  • GPA of 3.0 in all coursework

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Certificates of Merit

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Certificates of Merit recognize young women with an aptitude for STEM related careers.

Students selected for SWE Certificates of Merit earned a minimum:

  • GPA of 3.5 or above across 3.0 (or more) credits of math including 1 AP math course;
  • GPA of 3.5 or above across 3.0 (or more) credits of science including 1 AP science course; and
  • GPA of 3.0 or above in 1.0 credit of Computer Science or Engineering coursework

The school district is grateful to partner with the local SWE chapter in this new program and to Abby Coppock at GE Healthcare and Antonella Mantovano at Marquette University for presenting the Certificates of Merit at Senior Honors Nights. The SWE-WI Section has about 240 professional members and supports 7 collegiate sections across the state of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of MI.

STEM jobs remain in high demand for the future, Coppock said at New Berlin West’s award ceremony. The growth rate for new STEM jobs in Wisconsin through 2018 is more than double the growth rate for all new jobs (17% versus 8%), according to STEM Forward.

“We need bright, enthusiastic, and creative minds like yours to spark the innovations of the future, and to make contributions that positively impact the lives of those in your communities and around the world,” Coppock said.

Congratulations to these award recipients:

New Berlin Eisenhower Technical Honors Certificate winners


The following seniors have been honored for excellence in a technical area of study in addition to their academic performance in high school.

New Berlin Eisenhower:

- Excellence in Manufacturing Processes: Alexander Hoelke
- Excellence in Engineering: Justin Waldoch
- Excellence in Information Technology: Scott Thom

Photo: (left to right) Alexander (AJ) Hoelke, Justin Waldoch, Scott Thom

New Berlin West Technical Honors Certificate winners

New Berlin West:

- Excellence in Computer Science: Matthew Nyman
- Excellence in Engineering: Jason Brandt, Connor Hels, Zachary Nordstrom, Scott Reichel, Dominick Ropella, Alexander Sibley, James Windorff
- Excellence in Information Technology: Nathan Gorecki



Photo: (left to right) James Windorff, Connor Hels, Zachary Nordstrom,
Dominick Ropella, Alexander Sibley, Scott Reichel, Jason Brandt,
Matthew Nyman. Not pictured: 
Nathan Gorecki


New Berlin Eisenhower SWE Certificateof Merit  winners


The following senior women have been honored for excellence in the study of math and science as well as their proven potential for success in STEM related careers.

New Berlin Eisenhower:

- Vivian Jiang, Mary McElligott, Sivali Patel, Courtney Wenzel, Erin Weyers

Photo: (left to right) Erin Weyers, Mary  McElligot,
Sivali Patel, Vivian Jiang, Courtney Wenzel

New Berlin West SWE Certificateof Merit  winners

New Berlin West:  

- Rachel Butler, Cheyenne Pasdera, Kayla Rasmussen, Kyoko Keota Spham, Kiersten Stearle, Kelly Wachholz






Photo: (left to right) Cheyenne Pasdera, Kayla Rasmussen, Rachel Butler,
Kiersten Stearle, Kelly Wachholz, Kyoko Keota Spham

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