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The June 2 Cognitive Dissidence post Inside WEDC refers to Scott Walker's key job creation agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC),  as a massive failure. 

The post  not only communicates an audit's disturbing findings , it points out that the young man who'd been appointed the Chief Operating Officer of the agency:

  • lacked business experience 
  • is a "political hack"
  • worked for the "friends of scott walker" campaign
  • has worked for "right wing politicians of questionable ethics"

For more, check out the  Oct. 2, 2013 post on Daily Kos titled  Walker's Wisconsin--WEDC IS Walker's #Fail

Troubling trends in WEDC's self-reported jobs impacts raise questions about whether the agency is playing favorites.  See Citizen Action of Wisconsin's Report,  Feb. 2014.

In April, the Capital Times reported :

"One of the high profile companies to receive backing from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is again delinquent on its loans with the state.

Superior-based Kestrel Aircraft Company— a firm touted by Gov. Scott Walker as an example of his business recruitment efforts —hasn't made any payment  on its $4 million in loans since October. It is supposed to pay $6,600 monthly and is now over $26,000 in arrears.

Also, go  to  wdio's May 6  report regarding Kestrel and WEDC.

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