Who is Really Benefiting From Walker's WEDC?


"Cronyism, corruption and incompetence have been the hallmarks of Gov.  Walker and his administration. Nowhere is that more evident than with his signature economic development initiative, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation,"  says One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scott Ross.

Walker created the quasi-private agency, the  Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

One Wisconsin Now's  post  Who is the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Working For?   'W is for WEDC' Report Finds State Lags in Job Creation While Gov. Walker's Campaign and Republican Governors Association Reap Millions  conveys:

A recently released report by One Wisconsin Now analyzing state funds distributed by WEDC raises questions about who is really benefiting.

The report found that owners or employees of 30 percent of businesses receiving WEDC assistance contributed to Gov. Walker's campaign or the Republican Governors Association (RGA).  Meanwhile, these same businesses received almost 60 percent of WEDC economic development funds--$570 million in total.

WEDC fund receipients include companies engaged in health and safety violations, mass layoffs and conflicts of interest

"While Governor Walker's campaign and his allies at the Republican Governors Association have profited handsomely, his WEDC has come up woefully short in its stated mission of creating jobs for Wisconsin," said Ross.


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