Re: Right-Wing Craziness


The Journal Sentinel Editorial   Wisconsin's New Secessionists  (April 14, 2014)  states:

"Even in Wisconsin, where the party of Lincoln was born, some fringe Republicans don't believe that the Civil War settled the issue of secession.

Those Republicans have forced a resolution onto the state party's agenda for its convention in early May to uphold the state's right to secede "under extreme circumstances."

To read more, click on this   link. 

Also, see AlterNet's post   Will the Wisconsin GOP Vote to Secede?   Subtitled Scott Walker distances himself as Wisconsin right-wingers become the latest fringe group who want  'state sovereignty'.

And  click  here  to  read Uppity Wisconsin's 3/17/2014 blog post titled The Seven Things That Make WISGOP's Platform The Craziest In The Nation.

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