Ethically-Challenged Republican State Senate President Mike Ellis

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Several Republican officials have rightly come under fire recently for their actions/ conduct.

Let's start with Mike Ellis----

In Wisconsin,  State Senate President  Mike Ellis was recently caught on tape talking about setting up an illegal political action committee to attack his Democratic opponent.

Reportedly,  Sen. Ellis defended his remarks by saying he learned the next day his proposal was illegal and didn't pursue it. 

But a Journal Sentinel editorial points out  Sen. Mike Ellis Should Have Known Better

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The Journal Sentinel article GOP's Mike Ellis Caught On Recording Talking Of Illegal Fundraising.

Blogging Blue's Mike Ellis Caught On Tape Conspiring To Commit Election Law Felony (VIDEO).

Interestingly, it was the conservative group Project Veritas that had secretly taped Sen.  Ellis and released the recording online.  James O'Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, declined to say why his group had targeted Ellis.  However, the Journal Sentinel tells us,   "Some  conservatives have called for a primary challenge to Ellis, who has been at odds with other Republican leaders on issues such as expanding voucher schools."

Yeah, Two Republican State Senate Leaders ( Sen. Mike Ellis &  Sen. Luther Olsen) did contend  they'd oppose any expansion of school vouchers unless local residents vote on such a move, creating an uphill battle for advocates of expanding the controversial program to Madison and other districts throughout the state.

And speaking of voucher expansion,  former GOP State Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen is senior  lobbyist for the pro-voucher group American Federation for Children. 

You may recall that Jensen had been charged with misconduct in public office for using state resources and state workers to campaign for Republicans in some elections.  He was convicted of three felonies and a misdemeanor.  Although sentenced to 15 months in prison, he was allowed to remain free while appealing his case. stemming from abuse of his office. The state Appeals Court overturned the felony convictions in late 2007 and ordered a new trial, in part because Jensen was barred at trial from testifying about his understanding of whether Democratic leaders also were using state resources to campaign.  Jensen did not appeal his misdemeanor conviction.  The new trial was put on hold while Jensen, of Brookfield, argued that the case should be moved to Waukesha County. In general, trials are held where crimes are alleged to have occurred. But the Legislature rewrote the law in 2007 to say  politicians charged with ethics violations would be tried in their home counties.  (See Sourcewatch )

Therefore, the case was tried in Waukesha County.  An what was the outcome under Republican Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel?   Reports Caffeinated Politics:    "Jensen used tax dollars and state staff for his partisan purposes, and undermined the faith that voters have in our government.  The result was a slap on the wrist."

Even the  Wisconsin State Journal says Big Mistake To Let Jensen Off Easy

See Blogging Blue's post Brad Schimel's Sweetheart Deal For Disgraced, Corrupt Scott Jensen

Currently, Waukesha County DA Brad Schimel is running for Wisconsin Attorney General.

Sen. Mike Ellis, whose political career has spanned four decades, recently  announced that he is quitting.

The Journal Sentinel reports that  on Friday, two days after the public release of the secret recording that revealed discussion of creation of an illegal Republican PAC,   Sen. Ellis dropped out of his re-election race.   

“I see that compromise is not valued in today’s Capitol environment, and that means I don’t fit in anymore,” Ellis said. “Special interests hold too much sway, instead of the voice of the people. I’m a senator from a different era, and I value my integrity too much to compromise it any more.”

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