NBCRG Took a Beating

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Perhaps you thought New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government was dead.  NBCRG Speaks had  posted a blog (regarding NBCRG)  in September,  but nothing at all in October, November, and  December.   Then we witnessed  NBCRG's resurrection. Well, sort of.  Here we are in the fourth month of  2014, and there have been only 3 NBCRG Speaks blog posts this year  (Jan. 11, March 12, and March 24).  What were those three about?   The first was a eulogy for Herb Eggie, the first president of NBCRG.  In the second, NBCRG urged voters to re-elect Ald. Laura Karvala. In the third, NBCRG urged people to vote for Dave Maxey and Art Marquardt (the incumbents)  for School Board.

I realize NBCRG is a special interest group (according to their paperwork on file with the City Clerk), but couldn't they manage to post something in the past 6 months besides promoting their organization and touting a few people they like?    

NBCRG Speaks states New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government's " mission is to inform the public about significant issues and to recommend public action when deemed necessary." 

So, the only thing of significance to happen in the last 6 months was the April 1 election?   Really? 

NBCRG did not fare very well in Tuesday's election.

NBCRG not only endorsed Ald. Karvala on the NBCRG Speaks blog and in a letter to the editor,  they spent money on fliers to help  re-elect her.   Karvala lost to Charles Garrigues.

NBCRG Speaks states " NBCRG believes government officials and their employees should be accountable for their actions or lack of actions. "

Well, it appears Ald. Karvala's constituents held her accountable by ousting her. Obviously, they believed that Chuck Garrigues would be a better representative for District 2 than Karvala.

In the other contested race in New Berlin,  NBCRG endorsed incumbents Dave Maxey and Art Marquardt for New Berlin School Board.  Newcomer Amy Crosby got more votes than either of them in Tuesday's election.   Maxey, who has been Board President since 2011, came in second.   Marquardt finished third and was defeated.  Not much in that for NBCRG to crow about, is there?    Furthermore, since three people were running for two seats, it was expected that at least one of the incumbents would be re-elected.

Last year,  NBCRG Speaks posted a blog the day after the election congratulating Dave Ament for his win and "the newly elected aldermen as well".

But on the day after election this year,  NBCRG Speaks was silent.  It's still silent.

Maybe NBCRG will eventually congratulate the election winners.    Or maybe not.

Anyway, I'd like to congratulate Chuck Garrigues, Amy Crosby, and Dave Maxey  and all the candidates who ran unopposed in the New Berlin April 1 election.

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