The Other War on Women

Women care about more than abortion and birth control.

Salon cites several additional battles in the GOP's assault on women, including:

1. Poverty

"One in five women are living in or on the verge of poverty---nationwide that's 42 million women and 28 million children who depend on them. "

"Congress voted in February to cut $9 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program over the next ten years, just two months after $11 billion had already been slashed from the program when a 2009 benefits increase expired. These reductions have already cost families an average of $90 each month, a heavy hit for those already struggling to keep food on the table."

"And managing on less, often means women will be going without."   "They sacrifice their meals for their children, for their spouse, for their parents."

"Republican indifference to the millions of women facing food insecurity becomes more striking when you consider that the $9 billiion in cuts in the final bill was a dramatic reduction from the outrageous $40 billion House Republicans originally demanded."

2. Voting rights

"Women care about voting rights because women vote."

"Voter ID laws are, generally speaking, bad for women."   "Women are statistically more likely than men to not have a form of accepted identification at the polls.  Low-income women may struggle to obtain the necessary ID because accessing birth records and other documentation can be costly and out of reach for many.  Women over the age of 65--who outnumber men over the age of 65---are also less likely to have a form of identification required by these new laws.  Women are also more likely than men to be enrolled in college, and students who attend out of state universities are disproportionately impacted by voter ID laws.   These laws threaten the votes of married women who may have changed or hyphenated their names. "

3. Work

"Two out of every three minimum wage earners is a woman, and many of those women are also mothers or the primary caregivers in their households.  Despite widespread support across gender and party lines, Republican lawmakers almost uniformly oppose a modest raise to the minimum wage, making the party's appeals to women's "pocketbooks" particularly laughable."

"Raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to a meager $10.10 an hour would boost earnings for 28 million workers, and would help lift millions of women out of poverty."

"Women, on average, still earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man."  "Almost across the board, women's earnings have stalled for much of the last two decades, and Republican opposition to equal pay legislation means they can expect more of the same."

4. Guns

"According to recent data, more than 60% of women killed by a firearm in 2010 were murdered by a current or former intimate partner, many of whom are able to keep their guns despite their violent records because of weak laws and even weaker enforcement. And far from protecting women, the presence of a firearm during a domestic violence incident increases the likelihood of a homicide by a staggering 500%"

"Women--along with most other people in America---overwhelmingly support the kind of gun reform that Republican lawmakers oppose."

5. LGBTQ rights

"Despite widespread support for the Employer Non-Discrimination Act, House Speaker John Boehner has said that he sees 'no basis or need' for the legislation to protect workers from discrimination based on sexual or gender identity.  The measure passed in the Senate, but has yet to come to a vote in the House because of Republican opposition to the measure."

"The most recent Republican fight in Arizona and elsewhere in the country to let private companies discriminate against LGBTQ people puts them out of step with even moderates in the GOP, but it puts them even further out of step with LGBTQ women voters and their allies."

"Republicans are equally out of step with a majority of Americans when it comes to marriage equality. Equal marriage has more or less ceased to be a controversial issue for most Americans, with a historic majority now favoring it. But you wouldn't know this by listening to the Republican leadership. Conservative lawmakers--at the state and federal level--continue to fight tooth and nail to resist momentum behind equal marriage."


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