Recent Repugnant Actions of Republicans in the Legislature

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Per Blogging Blue:

"Here’s a little recap of what Republicans in the Legislature have done this week.

  • Voted to get more money for their campaigns from lobbyists while they’re still in session.

  • Passed a bill to make it harder for Wisconsinites to vote.

  • Voted against military veterans and cancer patients.

Yep, it sure was a busy week for Republicans in the Legislature, and a bad week for those of us who cherish those values that made Wisconsin such a great place to live."


Here's more on the subject----

From One Wisconsin Now's press release  Senate GOP Extends Time for Lobbyists to Give Them Money, Rolls Back Voting Hours for Rest of Us. ---

"That Senate Republicans would pass bills to make it easier for special interest lobbyists to give them money while making it harder for average citizens to cast their vote is a damning indictment of their disdain for democracy.

Today we saw the real voting fraud in Wisconsin exposed today - Republican politicians manipulating the rules on voting to give themselves an unfair partisan advantage."


The Senate passed a bill limiting early voting.  See Associated Press news report.

Both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Madison's Cap Times urge Walker to veto the bill.

The Journal Sentinel  editorial argues
"Wisconsin should make it easy to vote — easy for as many people as possible to participate in their democracy.

But the Republican majority in the Legislature seems intent on doing just the opposite. And the motive most surely is partisan.

Led by the GOP, the state Senate approved a measure Wednesday limiting early voting hours statewide. This comes after highly successful get-out-the-vote efforts in recent elections that took advantage of extended hours in Milwaukee and Madison. The problem with those extended voting hours (if you're a Republican) is that many of those early voters, presumably, were interested in voting for Democrats. The bill passed on a 17-16 vote; Sen. Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center) joined Democrats in opposing the measure."

And it points out "This is the second time Republicans have pursued limits on early voting since taking control of state government in 2011."

The Cap Times says

"Under the Republican-drafted and backed legislation, Wisconsin's towns, villages and cities would be prevented from setting up special times for in-person absentee voting in the evening or on weekends.

That's going to make it harder for a lot of Wisconsinites to get to the polls.

That's going to mean that those who do get to the polls will have to wait in longer lines.

That's going to reduce turnout — especially in local elections.

And that's not necessary."

"Wisconsin should be promoting high voter turnout, not undermining it.


Re:  military veterans, asbestos, and cancer conveys:

"The Senate has passed AB 19, which would put limits on civil claims for asbestos exposure,  17-16. The measure now goes back to the Assembly after passage of an amendment Tuesday."

"The legislation would affect trusts that are set up by companies to pay claims after they go bankrupt"....

"Dems decried the bill, arguing it would change the rules for victims of asbestos exposure---many of whom are veterans.  Sen. Fred Risser,  D-Madison, said many veterans affected by asbestos would simply like to have their day in court before they pass away."

"How can you be so cruel?"  Risser asked.

"Sen. Julie Lassa,  D-Stevens Point, said the bill presumes that "somehow the corporations are the victims here, and not the men and women who were willing to put the lives on the line for their country."

Last but not least, read

MAL Contends post titled Cancer Patients' Treatment Blocked By Wisconsin GOP Leader

and  the Journal Sentinel report Opponents criticize Scott Fitzgerald's bid to block cancer drug bill:

" The leader of the state Senate is going to unusual lengths to block a bipartisan bill to help cancer patients afford life-saving treatments as his brother lobbies on behalf of insurers to kill the proposal
The proposal would require health plans to provide the same coverage for chemotherapy drugs taken as pills as they do for chemotherapy administered through IVs."

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