Obamacare's Benefits for Older Americans


Per Shepherd Express and Citizen Action of Wisconsin :

"Older Americans who have been laid off during the recession have often seen discrimination in hiring, been subjected to age discrimination by health insurance companies when purchasing coverage and experienced rising health costs before even making it to Medicare age. That's compounded by the fact that more than half of adults between 55-64 have some form of pre-existing health condition--conditions that used to be a barrier to care."

"The Affordable Care Act gives this group of Americans freedom, peace of mind and economic security. Citizens who work jobs they hate just for the coverage they need can consider retiring early or pursue new opportunities and still gain access to health care. That will free up jobs for a new generation of workers."

"Pre-existing conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, can no longer be reasons to deny care or price gouge older Americans. This, coupled with a reduction in discriminatory age pricing betwen young and old, means that older Americans aren't left with a colossal monthly bill."

To read more, go to  expressmilwaukee.com

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