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On what would have been Pres. Ronald Reagan's 103rd birthday (Feb.6), Thinkprogress posted an article citing 7 Reagan moves that may well have led to his excommunication from today's Republican Party if he were alive today.

Those 7 Reagan moves: 1. Paved the way for Obamacare 2. Amnesty for undocumented immigrants 3. Successfully pushed for an assault weapons ban 4. Grew the federal government, big time 5. Dealt with Russia to build a world free of nuclear weapons 6. Wanted millionaires to pay more in taxes 7. Passed environmental regulations that are now being used to fight climate change

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A Feb.7 op-ed on Huffington Post by Richard (RJ) Eskow titled Reagan Remembered: The Failed Legacy Of Our First Corporate Politician states: "At his Inauguration 25 years ago, Reagan spoke those famous words, 'In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.' 

"Government is the problem"? Tell that to the millions of senior citizens who are being lifted out of poverty by Medicare and Social Security. 

"Government is the problem"? Tell that to the generations of middle-class Americans who prospered because American leaders invested in their nation -- including Republicans like Dwight D. Eisenhower, who built the Federal highway system. 

"Government is the problem"? Tell that to anyone who learned to read because of a caring teacher.

"Government is the problem"? Tell that to the young American veterans who went to college on the GI Bill after World War II, helping their families -- and their nation -- enjoy decades of prosperity in the process.

The problem isn't government. The problem is that too many politicians and media figures refuse to see the Reagan legacy for what it is: a successful sales campaign for yet another lousy corporate product. In the end, a salesman is only as good as the goods he sells. That, and that alone, should define the Reagan legacy of failure." To read the rest of his post, go to:

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