New York's Lewisboro Ledger: School Board Cuts Kreutzer Loose

NBPS Administrators, School Board

"Less than one week after the final vote to close Lewisboro Elementary School, the Katonah-Lewisboro school board unanimously voted to effectively fire Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Kreutzer by accepting his resignation at a special board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28."--reported the Lewisboro Ledger. 

The district published an announcement saying the resignation was "effective immediately" and gave these severance details: "Because the Board is ending its employment with Dr. Kreutzer effective immediately, the Board will pay Dr. Kreutzer $90,000 as a buyout of the existing portion of his contract in order to avoid litigation." Assistant Superintendent for Business Michael Jumper will serve as acting superintendent and the board will be interviewing search consultants to assist in recruiting a new superintendent.

Dr. Kreutzer, who was hired by the school board in 2011 (with a $245,000 salary), had a potential 5-yr. contract--with allowances for early termination after 3 years if his contract was not renewed. Instead, his abrupt departure comes after only 2 1/2 years--and in the middle of the school year.

Per the Bedford Patch: "The Board of Education and Superintendent have irreconcilable differences with regard to the vision for and day-to-day leadership of the school district," school board President Charles Day said in a press release."

Whew. Those must have been some major "differences" and deep dissatisfaction with Dr. Kreutzer for the school board to terminate its working relationship with him as it did. Too many bitter conflicts between Dr. Kreutzer and parents, teachers, administrators, and school board, perhaps? Were people turned off by Dr. Kreutzer's behavior and actions? Did he make poor decisions?

Clearly, the Katonah-Lewisboro School Board had enough of Dr. Paul Kreutzer and has cut him loose. Dr. Kreutzer came to the Katonah-Lewisboro school district from Wisconsin, where he was the superintendent of the School District of New Berlin.

In New Berlin, Dr. Kreutzer's legacy is Joe Garza. After Dr. Kreutzer was hired to be New Berlin Public Schools Superintendent, he brought in his old friend Joe Garza to serve as assistant superintendent. When Dr. Kreutzer left New Berlin to take the lucrative superintendent post in New York, the New Berlin School Board did not conduct a statewide or national search for a superintendent to replace him. The School Board decided that Joe Garza would be the superintendent. They said it was for "continuity". Because Dr. Kreutzer's vision, policies and leadership were so great? Really? For the New Berlin School Board to select a superintendent without involving parents, teachers, or other staff in the process--and without doing a search for the best possible candidate for the post-- seems so autocratic. To read more, go to these links: http: ***TO BE CONTINUED

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