S.O.T.U and Reactions to Rubio's Rebutall


33.5 million Americans watched President Obama’s State of the Union address on TV last Tuesday, according to Nielsen ratings data.

The President, in an hour-long speech,  laid out an impressive progressive agenda. 

Here are six of his most ambitious proposals (source Thinkprogress)

  1.  Executive action on climate change
  2.  Investing in infrastructure and creating jobs
  3.  Universal preschool
  4. A pathway to citizenship
  5. A liveable wage
  6. Enhancing gun safety

Sen. Marco Rubio was selected to deliver the Republican response to the President’s speech.   However, his "response" appeared to be mainly a regurgitation of GOP talking points and personal attacks directed against Obama.  Golly, what a poorly staged, nervous, sweaty, pathetic performance by Rubio. Isn't he supposed to be a GOP rising star?   How distracting yet comical to see Rubio dabbing at sweat on his face or spittle  and making that awkward, embarrassing lurch for an off-camera lttle water bottle during his speech to a national audience.   

Not surprisingly, the entertaining satirists Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart poked fun at it.     

Click here to view Colbert’s funny clip: State of the Rubio, Florida Senator gets cotton mouth and ducks off camera during the biggest speech of his life

And take a peek at Huffington Post’s Jon Stewart Tears Into Marco Rubio’s State of the Union Rebutall Hypocrisy (Video)   

 Numerous comments dissing Rubio’s rebutall have been posted on the Internet, including these:

  •  “The Republican Party’s golden boy has his moment to shine and the message gets lost in a wave of flop sweat and cotton mouth. In politics, presentation is everything. Time to find a new savior.”
  •  “My favorite part… “Government won’t help you get ahead. It will hold you back.” Followed by… “I believe in federal aid. I couldn’t have gone to college without it.”
  •  “All he did was prove that the Republican plan to reinvigorate the American economy is to attack Obama. Weren’t they going to stop being the “stoooopid” party?”
  •  “Reheated Romney speech”
  •  “He sounds like a high school kid giving a book report after having read only the cliff notes. I think the title was Government is bad unless it’s helping Me.”
  •  “Incredible disconnect between what the President said and what Rubio claimed he said.” 
  • “He’s not ready for prime time if he can’t speak for 10 minutes without water.”
  •  “Hot air—needed a cool down.”
  •  “From here on in, I’m calling him Big Gulp.”
  •  ” Watergate 2013”
  •   “The climate was changing inside his throat.”
  •   “The “Drink” was the least of Rubio’s problems. The speech itself was amateur hour, to be kind.”
  •  “He was choking on all those lies”
  •  “All this talk about water. His rebutall was stiff, pre-determined like reading from a script, nothing new and a typical politician, a lot of talk but nothing said.”
  • “Focusing on Rubio's awkward television appearance is unfortunate because it takes focus away from the substance of his remarks. If one could just listen to what he was saying, it was even worse than it appeared. The President laid out public policy to put people to work, grow the economy and make people’s lives better and the world a better place. By contrast, Rubio simply attacked the President personally and then mischaracterized everything the President said or proposed.

    Rubio used the current Republican strategy of portraying the President and his policies as something he isn't and then trying to convince Americans that only Republicans can save the country from the evil that doesn't exist. If the President said something like, "children must learn to read to achieve better success in life", the Republican response would be, "the President has again rolled out these tired old liberal socialist programs that are nothing more than an attempt to spend money we don't have and try to make successful people pay for the failure of others." Rubio is nothing more than Latino Mitt Romney”

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