Reminder: Informational Open House 6-8 PM Tonight Re: Proposed Walmart Supercenter for Greenfield Ave.

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An informational Open House has been scheduled for January 23, 2013 from 6:00- 8:00 P.M. at Ronald Reagan Elementary School, 4225 S. Calhoun Road, New Berlin.

For more information, click on the City’s website.

The location of the proposed Walmart  Supercenter is 15205 and 15375 W. Greenfield Avenue.

Walmart has asked to amend our City’s Comprehensive Plan by changing the zoning for an urban residential parcel and an urban mixed use residential parcel to suburban commercial.

But folks,  the future land use plan had undergone a public approval process just a few years ago.

The proposed Supercenter would be open 24 hours a day.

What will that do to the neighborhood?

In addition to the changes in zoning and City’s Comprehensive Plan, there are concerns about potential negative impacts of this Supercenter, such as traffic, noise, light, air pollution, crime, as well as the impact on the environment (including the loss of existing woods) , the flooding issues that residents near there already have, and  disrupting the peacefulness of the cemetery.

Not surprisingly, the stress on our city’s infrastructure, the adverse impact on the environment and quality of life,  have  people questioning or objecting to this proposal.   

Besides,  even if Walmart decides to close its current store in the City Center,  New Berlin residents have easy access to other Walmarts. The Walmart Super Stores on Moorland Rd in Muskego and  Layton Ave in Greenfield are only a short drive away.       

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