Mitt Romney--- the Ultimate Political Chameleon & Romnesia


Mitt Romney has changed his positions on issues so often that it's difficult to know what he really stands for, if anything.

Is his lust for power so great that he'd say or become anything to get it?

Romney's sidestepping and backpedaling on issues, evasions, flip-flops, and deceit have earned him some well-deserved  criticism. 

Obviously, it becomes a trust issue and calls into question his integrity.

Certainly, Romney's habit of changing political positions has not escaped people's notice.

Even some top Republicans have remarked on it--and used words like serial flip-flopper, liar, fraud, dishonest, when referring to Romney.  Click here to view a video clip.

On the campaign trail,  Obama referred to Romney's shifting positions as  "Romnesia"

Cognitive Dissidence posted a video today  titled "The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection".

Click here to watch it.  

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