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Kelly's Korner

I am married with one child. I have been a resident of New Berlin for 8 years. I enjoy the New Berlin community and I am proud to be a part of it. I love arts and crafts, painting, beading, coupon clipping, cooking and writing.


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A poem for your reading enjoyment. What is your interpretation of the meaning behind it?


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AllWriters Workplace and Workshop

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Since my early teens I have fantasized of becoming a writer.  At times, while the other kids were off enjoying the summer fun, I was hunched over on my front porch, with my pencil, notebook, and a pondering expression on my face. I wrote poems and stories and always kept a journal of some sort. Writing was a form of therapy–a release of misplaced teenage energy, if you will.  

Much the same as the general population in high school, grades in general, turned me off. I was pretty good in reading and writing classes, but add a letter grade to my work and all creativity spiraled down the drain for me. The fact that I haven’t read as many books as I should have, or would have liked to, I leaned towards giving up. I thought I was doomed; if I am not a heavy reader, how can I be a writer? But the thing is I love to write. One emotion or deep, meaningful, moment can inspire me to write for weeks. Although I enjoy painting, beading, crocheting, or just about any craft–I have come to learn that writing is my passion.

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