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Kelly's Korner

I am married with one child. I have been a resident of New Berlin for 8 years. I enjoy the New Berlin community and I am proud to be a part of it. I love arts and crafts, painting, beading, coupon clipping, cooking and writing.

Stop Elder Abuse!

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Some have called elder abuse "the crime of the century.” We hear about the exploitation of the elderly every day. It affects them in many ways–financially, physically, and emotionally. It can be while in the care of a nursing home or retirement home, or even the privacy of their own homes. It is a shame, yet it’s a reality and now, I can personally attest to this as I recently witnessed it happen with my own aunt.  

My aunt lost her son and husband of 49 years just four weeks apart. This left her alone, vulnerable and overwhelmed. Suddenly she had to take care of everything on her own while still coping with her recent losses. Family and friends that live nearby helped whenever they could– yet with work and their own families, it’s not possible to be there 24–7. My aunt is self-sufficient and has a healthy mind, but physical ailments require a little extra help from time to time. For example: she hired a “friend of a friend” to help clean her house. My aunt needed help and the friend was down on her luck, struggling to take care of three children, so it was beneficial to both.  What a perfect situation! My aunt trusted this person and wanted to help her out. Never once did she think this friend would take advantage of her.

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