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Kelly's Korner

I am married with one child. I have been a resident of New Berlin for 8 years. I enjoy the New Berlin community and I am proud to be a part of it. I love arts and crafts, painting, beading, coupon clipping, cooking and writing.

A day in the life of a Surburban Mom

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It was a typical chaotic night at our home. I had just gotten home from work. My husband was at a class. As usual, the phone was ringing off of the hook, plans were being made for the week, and my son was bouncing back and forth between the neighbor’s house and ours.  After the phone stopped ringing and plans were finalized, we had a makeshift dinner.  Once the dishes were cleared from the table, I began finishing up a new craft I had recently started. In order to complete my project, I needed just a few more flyswatters. (Check back next week to see the finished project!)

With the busy day, I was feeling discombobulated.  I was not quite up to the challenge of a typical “day in the life” of a suburban Mom.

Flyswatters! Ack, that meant a trip to the store. I hollered to my son, “Let’s make a run to the Dollar Store!” We were heading out the door, car keys in hand, when I glanced at the clock. 6:30 PM. I thought “I’m doing pretty well!” I fed the family, finalized some plans for the week and even played a little baseball with my son! 

Then it dawned on me: It’s 6:30! Wednesday night! My son had his first swim class tonight! Frantically, I switched gears from shopping to swimming. I started searching for his trunks and a towel. The whole time my son was asking questions: “Class is at a different school this year Mom?” “Are we going to be on time?” He was a little nervous, as any seven year old would be, watching his Mom run around like a crazy woman. I answered his questions while sprinting to the back door, barely missing the dog.

Suddenly, like a scratch in a record, I stopped in my tracks. Had I signed him up for the 6:30 or 7 class? Did we still have time to get there? I rummaged through everything and thought there was no time to find the schedule. I decided to take a chance and go—we’d either be right on time or a little early.

We joined the rest of the swim class as they were gathering by the pool. Whew, made it! …only to find out we were actually supposed to be in the 6 o’clock class. I watched my son’s shoulders droop in disappointment. My mom guilt went into high gear, and I thought, ”Great, I will never live this one down.”

Thankfully, the instructor allowed my son join another group for his first class. Crisis averted!

However, when we got home my son was pouting because we were so late. 

I tripped over the dog again, only then realizing he had not one lick of food or water in his dish. Oh no! So I fed the dog, folded a load of laundry, did a sink full of dishes, and bargained with my son to get his pajamas on, his teeth brushed and get into bed at a reasonable time. Along the way I picked up a few action figures, some dirty socks and plugged the DS into the charger for the next day. All the while my main focus was to sit down for just 15 minutes with full control of the remote before the hubby got home from his night class. Maybe I could pick up those fly swatters tomorrow…

Remote tightly in hand, I fell into the recliner. Ahhhh…..Mission accomplished!

Next thing I know, I was awakened by a nudge. My husband was standing over me saying “you fell asleep in the chair, you should go to bed!”

Go to bed? But I hadn’t even processed all of today’s events yet! And I was just a yawn a stretch and a snooze button away from starting it all over again: dinner, errands, feed the dog, take my boy to lessons, run to the store...

But you know what? Even though being a mom and wife can be chaotic, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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