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Dolores Karner blogs on behalf of the New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government, whose mission is to inform the public about significant issues and to recommend public action when deemed necessary. The NBCRG believes government officials and their employees should be accountable for their actions or lack of actions. The group also recruits and endorses candidates to public office who best express the positions taken by this organization.

Vern & Peg Bentley Nominated for New Berlin VFW Patriotic Citizen Award

The New Berlin Historical Society has selected Vern and Peg Bentley for the New Berlin VFW Post 5716 Patriotic Citizen Award.  They will be honored at the 2012 Patriotic Citizen Day ceremony scheduled for Sunday, June 3 at the VFW Post on Beloit Road.

Vern and Peg, as members of the Historical Society, have spent many hours creating, painting and putting up the large signs for their annual events.  They also volunteer to distribute fliers.  Additionally, they operate the player piano in the Winton-Sprengel House.  Their work and dedication have been instrumental in making the Historical Society's events successful and make it possible for people to look back to the lives of folks who settled the community and see how it has evolved into the great city we now enjoy.

When not volunteering for the Historical Society, Vern and Peg are active in keeping New Berlin residents informed about important issues concerning New Berlin and making certain that our elected officials represent the values of its citizens.  Vern and Peg are an inspiration to everyone in the community.

The New Berlin Historical Society would like to thank the Hoeppner-Horn Brothers VFW Post for the opportunity to recognize Vern and Peg, who are two of the many people that make this a great country.

All are welcome to attend the ceremony on Sunday, June 3.

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