Voter Fraud?


Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch was caught on video during a Feb. 21, 2012 Assembly session, voting for an absent member.  

It’s on You Tube.   

“Wow. No wonder they don’t want people with cameras in the chamber” , declares Root River Siren blog, which posted the video early yesterday morning. Click here to view it.

 Blogging Blue carried the You Tube video later yesterday and had more commentary about it.  

I wonder how many  Wisconsin state legislators like Rep. Kleefisch who were so eager to pass Voter ID, would argue that casting votes for absent members  is perfectly fine. 

Good grief. Shouldn't our elected officials be casting their own votes, not someone elses?  One person, one vote,  right? 

Assembly Rule  76 (5) states:  Only the members present in the assembly chamber may vote.

According to a WTMJ report last evening,  when asked if he broke a rule, Rep. Kleefisch responded , "It depends on how you interpret the rule."

Uh, huh. 

Kleefisch also gave the "everybody does it" excuse,  tried to play the victim, whining that he was being "targeted" due to his wife being under recall.

Joel Kleefisch is the Representative for the 38th Assembly District.  He's the husband of Lieutenant Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.  

-------Update 11 pm:    The Poltical Environment blog also carries the video of  Rep. Kleefisch plus a still shot. They are quite large, making them easy to view.  Click here to access them. 

 The video and/or story about Rep. Kleefisch caught voting for his absent colleage in the Assembly have been popping up on quite a few  internet sites--including various blogs,  Daily Kos,  MSNBC., and Capital Times. 

------Update 2/24:   More national coverage.    Keith Olbermann shows the video clip on his Current show and names Joel Kleefisch "Worst Person of the Year"    Click on this link to watch:\

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