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Parade Politics

Aldermen, Events

Love a parade? New Berlin’s main Fourth of July Parade is at 1 pm today.

The parade’s theme is “Celebrating New Berlin’s 50th Anniversary”. That appears to be a logical, rational, non-divisive, non-controversial choice. Easy to see why it was readily approved by the Fourth of July Commission at its meeting in September 2008.

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Put District Expenditures Online

New Berlin Schools

According to gmtoday:  Milwaukee Public Schools has a new Web site that lets the public see all purchases made by that district--and in a number of categories, such as date, vendor name, school, department.  Records will show purchases since July 1, 2005.

That is a positive use of technology and way to provide transparency on district spending.

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Re: Tonight's SB Meeting

School Board

Ralph Heun’s NOW blog says there is a special meeting at 7:30 pm tonight at New Berlin West’s library (Idea Room) to discuss the budget.

A "special" meeting" at 7: 30?

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Board Plays Politics Again

School Board

Last year, the New Berlin School District had a $3 million state aid windfall. It was unexpected and District officials were jubilant.   

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Continue To Use Your Water Softeners A Little While Longer

community, City government, Health

Lake Michigan water began flowing into central New Berlin on Tuesday.  Great news.  It's exciting that our community is getting this radium-free water.

Mayor Chiovatero recommends that residents continue to use their water softeners/salt for at least two weeks.  That's a good idea because during this transition period,  some residual hard water/mineral residue might still be in our water system.   

The NBPS Sex/Threat Scandal

New Berlin Schools, Blogging

I know of no bigger or worse scandal involving New Berlin Public Schools than the one concerning Anthony Stancl, the New Berlin Eisenhower student who allegedly deceived students into sending nude photos of themselves to him, which he then used to blackmail the students into engaging in sex acts. Stancl has also been accused of making bomb threats and is facing multiple felony charges.

These matters have gotten considerable local and national attention already. There is bound to be additional publicity when the case goes to trial.

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The July 13 BOE Meeting

New Berlin Schools, School Board

The New Berlin School Board set the tax levy at the July 13 Board Meeting.

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Put District Expenditures Online Update

New Berlin Schools, Blogging

On June 22, 2009, the New Berlin School Board approved a draft budget with a tax levy of $44,188,515.

On July 9, I posted a blog entry titled Put District Expenditures Online. I pointed out that Milwaukee Public Schools put their district spending online. The MPS Web site allows the public to see all purchases made by that district since July 1, 2005—and by several criteria including date, school or department, and vendor name. I said the New Berlin School District should do the same.

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Artwork at Ridge Cinemas Excites Theater Patrons and Promotes Movies


Ridge Cinemas offers much more than the latest movies.
It has rental facilities for meetings, church services, birthday parties, and other events.
Often, some really cool artwork by Mike Cairns is on display, such as these  examples of Ridge Cinemas window art that showcased the animated film “UP” and the comic book/action movie "X-men Origins: Wolverine":

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What will be cut?

New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators, School Board

The District of New Berlin's Web site has a July 14 "press release" which says:

..."District administrators have been challenged to reduce spending. Spending reductions will likely come from areas such as the arts, athletics, technology, administrative support, deferred maintenance and equipment replacement cycles."

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Sewer Service for West

Aldermen, City government, New Berlin Schools

The New Berlin School District  has spent over $33 million on New Berlin West renovation, including  the new fieldhouse and performing arts center.

But they are not done with West yet. The District has known for years that something needed to be done about the West treatment plant.  

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The Newest Addition


My family has just gotten a little bigger.  I am now a grandma X 3.

Our newest grandchild was born yesterday evening (July 29) in Colorado.  

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