Gov. Walker's Integrity Debated

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Gov. Walker’s integrity was debated in opposing columns on the  Perspectives page of the Dec. 7 Journal Sentinel newspaper.  

In her opinion piece  Walker has not been honest,  Kathleen Falk points out that in March, the Journal Sentinel Editorial Board noted that “Walker never campaigned on disenfranchising public-employee unions. If he had, he would not have been elected. He got a spare 52% of the vote—hardly a mandate for what he is trying to do.”

She states,  “In describing his attack on collective bargaining as the only way to fix the budget, he ignored the concessions on pensions and health insurance agreed to by the unions, he concealed his wholly partisan motivation and he knowingly misled Wisconsinites.”

Falk contends that Walker has tried to mask his extreme agenda by saying one thing but doing another. She argues that during the campaign, he said he didn’t intend to cut kids off health care, but he has. He said he’d maintain the state’s commitment to fund education, but then proposed the largest cuts to education in Wisconsin history. After Republicans lost two seats in the state Senate, he said Wisconsinites want more bipartisanship on the same day he signed into law the most partisan redistricting law that anyone can recall. He said he’s focused on creating jobs, but we are losing jobs at rates not seen in decades and his own administration admitted Walker won’t fulfill his promise to create 250,000 new jobs.

She writes, “He has grabbed power to enact an extreme agenda that satisfies his richest far-right donors. And he has done so in the most divisive way possible. “

I would add that numerous statements by Walker have been rated falsehoods by PolitiFact Wisconsin.

Rebecca Kleefisch's opinion piece  Governor has kept his promises  praises Walker.  Kleefish,  mother of two,  starts out contending that Walker is looking out for families like hers.  She states,  “ As lieutenant governor, I see his leadership skills helping Wisconsin families like mine. It was a rare thing to cover a politician who said what he’d do and do what he said. Walker is that rare type.”

A family like hers?    Oh,  one where the husband  (Rep. Joel Kleefisch) and wife  (Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch) are both state politicians with taxpayer-funded salaries & benefits  including health care?

And she calls Walker  "A politician who said what he’d do and do what he said."!   Really?   But information presented in Falk’s op-ed and from PolitiFact Wisconsin, which tracks Walker’s promises, sure seems to dispute Kleefisch's claims.  According to PolitiFact, Walker has broken several promises.

Given Walker’s public assertion  a few months ago that he was a man of integrity and an Eagle Scout., this is all rather intriguing.  According to Boy Scout Law: A Scout is trustworthy. A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. People can depend on him.  

Many would call Walker ruthless and polarizing rather than trustworthy, truthful or candid.   

United Wisconsin,the group seeking to recall Gov. Walker, announced today, that  just four weeks into the recall campaign, it had gathered 507,533 of the 540, 238 signatures needed to recall him. United Wisconsin has another month to gather signatures. It has set a goal of 720,277—nearly 200,000 more than needed to trigger a recall.     

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