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Ray McInerny, Sr., and his wife Jean, have lived in New Berlin for 32 years.  A retired graphic artist, he now paints for his own enjoyment. This blog will attempt to present items of general interest to his New Berlin neighbors.

April Fifth We Can't Fool Around

Jesse’s back. Chicago is happy to get rid of him. He’s the tool that promised all the blacks in Chicago that he’d put Carol Mosley Brown in as Mayor of Chicago. What happened? His importance got her less than 5% of the total vote and only 9% of the black vote. Do the same kind of magic here in Wisconsin Jesse. Hopefully the fawning will soon realize that your presence does nothing for them. Is there anything worse than an old has-been running around the state pretending he’s relevant?

What an April Fools Joke he is.

David Prosser is pro-life. That’s no joke! His opponent has steadfastly dodged any attempt to align herself with any position of value. His opponent has no record of pro-life and won’t address it but receives money from the Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, a pro-abortion body.

.Another reason? By dredging up an old story of a priest pedophile case in which the accuser is now disavowing himself from this attack on Prosser. In a Milwaukee Journal article, Saturday, March 26, 2011 one of the victims, Troy Merryfield, called the ad by the Assistant Attorney General,"offensive, inaccurate and out of contect." To display her judicial temperament she denies ever knowing this ad was placed. If her knowledge of who is helping in her campaign is an unknown she surely doesn’t qualify for good judgement. She’s an April Fools joke!

On April 5, 2011

Return David Prosser for Justice of the Supreme Court

Vote Ralph Ramirez for Circuit Court Branch 3

Vote Lloyd Carter for Circuit Court Branch 4

Vote William Domina for Circuit Court Branch 11

Vote Dennis Horbinski for 6th District Alderman

On Wisconsin!

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