Bad News For Gov. Walker/Rasmussen Poll: Walker's Disapproval Rating Near 60%



“A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that nearly 60% of Wisconsin's likely voters now disapprove of Governor Scott Walker's job performance.  According to the poll of 800 likely Wisconsin voters from March 2nd, a majority (57%) now disapprove of Walker.  Of larger concern to Walker is the fact that 48% of likely Wisconsin voters now "strongly disapprove" of Walker.  Walker was not elected by a large margin, defeating his Democratic opponent by a four-point margin (52-48).   Now only 43% approve of the job Walker is doing, making him potentially ripe for a recall bid.

The poll is significant as Rasmussen Reports tends to actually favor Republicans. 

According to pollster guru Nate Silver, Rasmussen tended to give Republicans a four point "bump" in their polls when compared to the actual results from the 2010 election. If Rasmussen is still favoring Republicans with their likely voter model, the true numbers for Governor may be even worse than Rasmussen is reporting.”


And more bad news for Walker-----

Wall State Journal/NBC News Poll:  WSJ Blogs  (March 2) reports:   62% of those surveyed said eliminating collective bargaining rights for public-sector workers over health care, pensions or other benefits would be either “mostly unacceptable” or “totally unacceptable”    Only 33% support such limits.

Public Policy Polling: (March 1) says  “Wisconsin closely divided, but against Walker”                        “ "There are two conclusions we can make from our poll on the Wisconsin conflict: the state is very closely divided, but it leans slightly to the union side of things rather than Scott Walker's on pretty much every question we asked.”

Huffington Post  (March 1) article titled " New Polls Find Support  For Public Employee Unions"  reports that a  survey by the Pew Research Center posed the question: From what you've read or heard about the dispute between Wisconsin's governor and public employee unions over collective bargaining rights, do you side more with the governor [or] the public employee unions? The response: More side with the unions (42 percent) than with the governor (31 percent), with more than a quarter choosing neither side (9 percent) or unsure (18 percent).

Huffington Post also reports that a survey conducted by CBS News and the New York Times asked  questions about unions and the Wisconsin dispute, including a question on the issue of collective bargaining rights.

“As you may know, collective bargaining refers to negotiations between an employer and a labor union's members to determine the conditions of employment. Some states are trying to take away some of the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions. Do you favor or oppose taking away some of the collective bargaining rights of these unions? IF FAVOR OR OPPOSE: Do you favor/oppose that strongly or somewhat?

They found 60 percent opposed to taking away collective bargaining as described, 33 percent in favor and 7 percent uncertain. Strong opposition to efforts to remove collective bargaining on this survey also exceeds strong support by better than two to one (38 percent to 18 percent).”

Huffington Post also reported that a recent  USA Today/Gallup survey " left the term undefined, leading to criticism  from a Republican pollster that some respondents might interpret the word "rights" too broadly. But even without the additional description offered by the CBS/NYT poll, Gallup obtained a virtually identical result: 33 percent favored a proposal "to take away some of the collective bargaining rights of most public unions," 61 percent opposed it and 6 percent percent were undecided.”

And in his Forbes article "Gov. Scott Walker Has Lost The War, Rick Ungar writes, " In what may be the result of one of the great political miscalculations of our time, Scott Walker’s popularity in his home state is fast going down the tubes. " and  Ungar concludes,  "The Wisconsin governor’s desire to be at the forefront of his perceived GOP revolution may not only have doomed the anti-union effort, but it may forever label him as the man who gave the democrats the gift that keeps on giving – the return of the union rank and file into the arms of the Democratic Party."

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