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Ray McInerny, Sr., and his wife Jean, have lived in New Berlin for 32 years.  A retired graphic artist, he now paints for his own enjoyment. This blog will attempt to present items of general interest to his New Berlin neighbors.

What Burns You Up?

Saturday, December 11, 2010, the ninth anniversary of the Twin Towers destruction a small denominational church in Florida plans to burn copies of the Quran. The pastor claims to have received over a hundred death threats and is now wearing a handgun for his own protection.

A national response has erupted, especially from the Capital, to this pastor and his small church to call off the burning. Everyone from President Obama, General Patreous, Secretary Clinton, Attorney General  Holder and Gates of Defense plus a score of others. 

Condemnation, scorn, rath and all types of rant originating in Washington are heaped on this church in Florida.  Some of it justified. The odd thing is that when looking at other types of outrageous behavior this Washington clique is strangely mute. Their protection of Freedom of Speech applies to only a few they select it seems. Let's examine a few instances:

Feiz Muhammad, of Australia, has called for the beheading of Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician seeking to create a coalition of parties and run for President. Wilders, the Freedom Party leader made a film in 2008 which accused the Quran of inciting violence and mixed images of terrorist attacks with quotations from the Islamic Holy book. Response? Hardly any!

Where were they when Theo Van Gogh was murdered by terrorists after depicting Prophet Muhammad on his show?

Where was the outrage when US Contractor Nick Berg was beheaded?

What response to the beheading of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter?

What response to the victims Eugene Armstrong, Jack Hensley and Kenneth Bigley killings?

Worst of all, the military leaders and the Commander-in-Chief responded as if nothing more than a fight on an Army Base occured when Maj Nidal Nasan's act of violence happened. The Fort Hood murderer and terrorist faces 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. He sits in relative comfort in a jail cell while he collects his $6,000 a month salary, plus a possible incentive payment)?) of $15,000 No rage, No calls for immediate trial. The response to his heinous act was tepid and weak, to say the least.

At the end of Ramadan President Obama sent Holiday wishes to the Muslim community, saying the Muslim Holiday is a time to reflect on the importance of religious tolerance and to honor the positive role all religions have played in American life. He responds to other religions by taking to the golf course on their holidays.

Hartford, Connecticut hears you loud and clear Mr. President. In another sophomoric attempt at appeasement the City Council of Hartford, Connecticut has decided to begin its meetings with a prayer from the Muslims because "it is very important that, as a Council we project a culture of inclusiveness in the City of Harford."

Philadelphia, following a similar course, has taken the Air Management Service department and advised St. John Baptist Catholic Church of making too much noise with its church bells. The church has been at the same site since 1856 and the bells have tolled continuously for 104 years. More evidence of tolerance?

After much hand-wringing every Neville Chamberlin in the country is ready to pounce on this church. As of this writing the Pastor Long, says he will "suspend" the burning if it's true that the Imams will move the Mosque from the hallowed soil of Ground Zero. Stay tuned!

These are some of the things that "Burn" me up. We're being led down a primrose path of stupidity and the radical Muslims will take over this country just as easily as the Germans ran over the Vichy French.  Our response on November 2, 2010 has to be a thundering retaliation against those who want to destroy this great country. If we don't act it now it may be too late for our heirs to do anything meaningful. God Bless America. Keep Her Safe!

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