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Ray McInerny, Sr., and his wife Jean, have lived in New Berlin for 32 years.  A retired graphic artist, he now paints for his own enjoyment. This blog will attempt to present items of general interest to his New Berlin neighbors.

The Squid loves to fish!

Neighbors seem to be following Mayor Chiovatero in his "City" car; others spying on his children and where they work and play; and council action to determine if the Mayor had used the vehicle in question illicitly, one thing appears apparent. These actions all culminate from the same general sources. A clique bent on destroying the man, the Office, and the integrity of our city.

The Oprah-like show presented on Tuesday evening, August 10th when the inquisition began on the Mayor’s use of the city-owned vehicle, a few members claimed he wasn’t following the rules of conduct for such a situation, others implying their may be devious reasons for the Mayor using the car at various times. If it results in hidden costs being exposed - good!!  Would the city have been better served if the council worked to fill positions on the Fire and Police Commission and/or hire a new Fire Chief?

When the alderman of the Second District piously intoned that during his term as Mayor, that he had to abide by all the rules, implying the present Mayor does not! What a real blast of hilarity.

Let the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article of April 29, 2003 expose other types of hidden costs.

"Talk about hidden costs

in New Berlin, let’s not keep these a secret any longer. The final bill is in for the city taxpayers in their leaders’ (Wysocki) fight over Human Resources DirectorTamara Potkay’s pay raise, and it isn’t pretty....An arbitrator sided with Potkay. Final tab? A total of $273,810 including $156,191 for the city’s outside counsel, $72,590 for Potkay’s lawyer, $36,104 for arbitrator and civil service commission costs and $9,925 in back pay for Potkay. Now you know."

End of Journal article.

And more hidden costs!

In the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, No. 04-2326, argued November 2, 2004 - Decided February 1, 2005 Plaintiffs-Appellants, Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Inc., and John W. Demetropoulos v. City of New Berlin and Telesfore Wysocki, Defendants - Appellees. This action resulted in the settlement of $200,000 with payments being made on January 15, 2007 and January 15, 2008 (each in the amount of $100,000) plus reimbursement attorney fees of $170,000 as required by Federal Law. Total: $370,000. The last page in the decision the Court of Appeals finds doubt in the City Officials "good faith," in this matter. Further, it says the Planning Commission, led by Wysocki was lacking sophistication and unwilling to take legal advice.

Obviously the Planning Commission hasn’t always been perfect before Mayor Chiovatero, as we’ve been led to believe. Wysocki left a hefty tab of $643,810.00 during a 4-year span as Mayor,. We, taxpayers, were hung out to dry for that amount. That amounts to about $13,412 per month over a four-year term. That can buy a lot of 2002 SUV’s. Was any attempt made to recover those costs? Where was the council of that period? Who complained about the Planning Commission in those days? Where was the recall petition? The "Squid" was quiet then.

I’ve borrowed the term from Tom Roeser of Chicago in using the term Squid. That’s his description of the Chicago mob running politics down there. And, it’s my term for the group in our city trying to run our city to their personal likes. It’s one thing to try and recall a Mayor for good and valid reasons; it’s another to call a Mayor on his expense account; it’s still another to have the Squid act like Al Gore over their loss of the Mayor’s Office. Until the council finds a way to return, or reimburse the City of New Berlin for the $643,810 their concentration should be on governance of the city, not petty politics of the Squid.

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